Rebus episode 5 recap: Rebus and Michael take Cafferty prisoner

Cafferty in Rebus episode 5
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Rebus episode 5 sees the cop looking to gain ultimate revenge on Cafferty... The episode opens with Rebus feeling rough, hardly surprising given his drinking the previous night. Gill arrives and it doesn't look good. She demands to take Rebus’s phone and laptop. Gill says she needs them because his witness Andy was shot at his brother's house and Michae is missing. At Michael's house, Gill says she hopes Rebus is telling her the truth. Chrissie blames Rebus for Andy’s death and slaps him, which seems a bit rich given it's all down to Michael's crazy actions.

Creepy Malcolm starts questioning Siobhan about what's happened. He then takes Rebus in for a formal interview. Rebus starts to squirm when Malcolm asks him about his meeting with Cafferty. Malcolm isn't buying that the events are all coincidental. Malcolm removes Rebus from the investigation. Rebus shouts at Gill for dropping him in it, but she hits back that if it hadn't of been for her opening the ambulance door, Rebus would have killed Cafferty. Gill hints that Siobhan is the one who's been talking. Siobhan denies this to Rebus.

Maggie phones Rebus. Meanwhile, Michael is searching for Cafferty. Christie and Shaun are imprisoned, listening to the screams from another room. Cafferty's UDA pair — the Chuckle Brothers as Cafferty dubs them — discover that Andy wasn't the ex-soldier who shot dead their man dead. 

Cafferty tells Christie he needs to set up a meeting with Michael's gang. Cafferty denies to Christie he had anything to do with his dad's death. "That was between your dad and Jimmy McJagger". Cafferty decides to tell Christie a few home truths.

Lucie Shorthouse in a red jacket as DC Siobhan Clarke is on the phone by some railings in Rebus.

Rebus wonders about Siobhan's loyalties (Image credit: BBC)

Rebus discovers George has killed himself. Rebus cruelly asks Maggie if she's glad she told him about them. Rhona takes in Chrissie and her boys. Rebus says sorry to Maggie. 

Cafferty calls Rebus via Maggie's phone. "Michael's in quite a lot of trouble," says Caffferty. They arrange to meet up at the pub. Michael turns up at Rebus's flat saying he needs to find Cafferty and kill him! Michael calmly tells Rebus how he robbed Cafferty and the UDA of a load of drugs. "I’ve got life insurance!" says Michael, erm not entirely sure it covers this scenario!

Christie takes out Cafferty's goon, who turns out to be spectacularly useless. Christie calls Siobhan and asks for Rebus. But he agrees to meet her instead. Christie gives Siobhan the address of where Shaun is being kept prisoner. 

Rhona tells Rebus he must help Michael, but of course, she does know what Michael has done. 

Michael's crew kidnaps Cafferty outside the pub and take him to their garage hideout. Gill tells Siobhan that Rebus thinks she grassed him up to Malcolm. They're outside where Shaun is being held and they've brought armed cops. Rather amusingly the thug with the nose bitten by Andy gets a gun butt to it. His poor hooter! They find Shaun. 

At the garage, Cafferty tells Michael he knows his brother. Rebus then shows his face. Rebus says he wants to be the one to put a bullet in Cafferty's head...

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