Run Rabbit Run cast: who's who in the Netflix horror movie

Run Rabbit Run star Lily LaTorre wearing a rabbit mask
Run Rabbit Run is an eerie new psychological horror movie. (Image credit: Netflix)

Run Rabbit Run is a psychological horror film about motherhood, directed by Daina Reid and written by Hannah Kent. 

Daina Reid is best known for her work on The Handmaid's Tale and The Outsider with Hannah Kent's credits including The Good People and Devotion.

According to Netflix, the movie "takes a treacherous dive into the dark side of motherhood — and the secrets we keep from even the ones we love the most."

The official synopsis adds: "As a fertility doctor, Sarah has a firm understanding of the cycle of life. However, when she is forced to make sense of the increasingly strange behavior of her young daughter, Sarah must challenge her own beliefs and confront a ghost from her past."

Here's everything you need to know about the cast of Run Rabbit Run...

Sarah Snook As Sarah

Sarah Snook in Run Rabbit Run

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sarah is a fertility doctor who grows increasingly more concerned when her young daughter begins acting strangely, forcing her to confront some demons from her past.

Sarah Snook is best known for her role as Shiv Roy in the HBO hit Succession and starred in the Men Against Fire episode of Black Mirror. She also played the role of s Andrea Cunningham in Danny Boyle's movie Steve Jobs.

Lily LaTorre As Mia

Lily LaTorre as Mia in Run Rabbit Run

(Image credit: Netflix)

Mia is Sarah's seven-year-old who suddenly becomes obsessed with Sarah's late sister and her mother tries to get to the bottom of why this is going on.

This is the feature film debut of actress Lily LaTorre. Prior to Run Rabbit Run, she played Sara/Asha in the Hulu thriller series The Clearing and Young Rachel in the indie comedy film You and Me Before and After.

Damon Herriman As Peter

Damon Herriman As Peter in Run Rabbit Run

(Image credit: Netflix)

Peter is Sarah's ex-husband and the father of Mia. Sarah is devastated when he begins to create a family with his new partner, Denise, implying he's moved on a lot quicker than she has.

Damon Herriman is known for his chilling portrayal of Charles Manson in the Netflix series Mindhunter and also for playing the unlikeable Dewey Crowe in Justified.

Greta Scacchi As Joan

Greta Sacchi as Joan in Run Rabbit Run

(Image credit: Netflix)

Joan is Sarah's estranged mother who comes back into her life following Mia's sudden obsession with the past, causing some clear tension.

Greta Scacchi is best known for her role as June Gudmundsdottir in the Oscar-nominated movie The Player and has also appeared as Mrs. Weston in Emma and Judith Merrick in the action thriller Shattered

Who else stars in Run Rabbit Run?

  • Shabana Azeez as Nowa
  • Georgina Naidu as Andrea
  • Naomi Rukavina as Denise
  • Neil Melville as Albert 
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