Still Time cast: who's who in the Italian romcom

Dante cradling Alice's face as they both smile at each other
Who's in the cast of Still Time? (Image credit: Netflix)

Still Time (Era Ora) is an Italian Netflix romcom all about the value of time for loved up couple Dante (Edoardo Leo) and his wife Alice (Barbara Ronchi).

Dante is a stubborn worker, who spends the majority of his life at work and is unable to manage his time as he constantly fails to show up to important moments on time. However, he doesn't see it that way and thinks that because of the many hours he has devoted to work, he will one day be able to "buy" more time.

But what happens when he wakes up the next day after showing up hours late to his 40th birthday party and finds himself stuck in a time loop where every day is a year of his life gone by?

Let's meet the cast of Still Time...

Still Time cast: who's who in the Italian romcom

Edoardo Leo as Dante

Edoardo Leo as Dante

(Image credit: Netflix)

Edoardo Leo plays Dante, a workaholic who constantly arrives late to everything important and almost always prioritizes work and neglects affections. However, he believes that, thanks to the many hours he spends at work, he will one day be able to “buy” more time. 

Dante is soon plunged into a chaotic nightmare as he finds himself in a time loop where every day is a year of his life gone by which he has no memory or control over. With his time flying by at an uncontrollable rate, will he be able to understand the value of time before his life crumbles?

Edoardo is known for his roles in Perfect Strangers, 18 Years Later, Other Miracles and The Legendary Giulia.

Barbara Ronchi as Alice

Barbara Ronchi as Alice

(Image credit: Netflix)

Barbara Ronchi stars as Alice, Dante's wife who are both madly in love with each other. Alice is an illustrator who cares about time much more than her husband Dante.

As Dante flies through time, Alice ends up four months pregnant, then gives birth to a baby girl all within the space of a few hours. Will her relationship with Dante be able to stand the test of time?

Barbara has previously starred in Padrenostro, Sole, Sweet Dreams and Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

Who else stars in Still Time?

Also starring in Still Time are...

  • Andrea Purgatori as Terapeuta
  • Barbara Ronchi as Alice
  • Mario Sgueglia as Valerio
  • Massimo Wertmüller as Marcello

Still Time is available to watch on Netflix now.

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