The Split star Nicola Walker: ‘The final series is beautifully complicated!’

Nicola Walker in The Split
Nicola Walker faces troubled times as Hannah in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

The Split has kept viewers hooked by following every twist in the life of London-based divorce lawyer Hannah Stern (Unforgotten's Nicola Walker), who has tried to guide her clients through their marriage break-ups while dealing with the fallout from her own troubled private life.

Now, The Split season 3 will be the final season of the series, airing in the UK on Monday, April 4 at 9pm on BBC One and in the US at a later date on BBC America and AMC's Sundance Now. 

But things are about to get even more tricky for Hannah as she faces her own divorce from barrister husband Nathan (Stephen Mangan) after they were both unfaithful. But while they try to handle things amicably, events soon become challenging…

We caught up with Nicola Walker, who will next star alongside Sean Bean in Marriage, to find out more about the final season of The Split

The Split is back! What can we expect from the final season?

“I don't think it's going to go where you might imagine… It's beautifully complicated and Abi Morgan [the show’s writer] doesn't shy away from how messy this will get. Nathan goes through the wringer. But they both get into trouble. At times they behave beautifully and at others, you want to kick both of them out the door! You’ll shout at all of us, it’s not easy to pick who to bless and who to blame.”

Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan in The Split.

Tension mounts for Hannah (Nicola Walker) and Nathan (Stephen Mangan) in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

Christie Carmichael, Hannah’s on-off lover, played by Barry Atsma, returns later in the season. What impact does that have?

“When he arrives, it’s chaos! He’s there for a specific reason that has a massive spoiler attached…”

Barry Atsma in The Split

Christie (Barry Atsma) brings chaos in his wake as he returns in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

What can you tell us about the new characters for this season?

“We have Kate [played by Sherlock’s Lara Pulver] a child psychologist who clashes with Hannah professionally and personally. And we have Felix [DoctorsClarence Smith] and Lenora [Shameless’ Karen Bryson] who are Hannah's main cases. 

"Lenora is the sister of Zander [Hannah’s boss, played by Peacemaker's Chukwudi Iwuji], so Hannah has known her a long time and cares passionately for her but Lenora’s reasons for divorcing are incredibly complicated…” 

Do you feel sad that The Split is ending?

“Yes, the punishment for being involved with Abi's great writing and all these brilliant, lovely actors and crew is that it's hard to let them go. I needed tissues when I read the scripts. I found it upsetting in more than one story. But it’s joyful too! I can’t hint at anything else, apart from the fact that it ends with a wedding…” 

What have you loved about working with Stephen, as you’ve known each other a long time?

“I’ve loved every second! He's so brilliant that you feel safe to do these awful things to each other. It's some of the least safe acting emotionally I’ve ever had to do on camera, it's dark. But because it's with Stephen, I trust him. I love acting with him.”

Where can I watch previous series of The Split?

Both of the previous seasons are on BBC iPlayer and a range of other platforms.

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