Meet the cast of The Split season 3: our who’s who guide to the final run of the divorce drama

The Split season 3 - Deborah Findlay, Annabel Scholey, Nicola Walker and Fiona Button
Challenges await Ruth (Deborah Findlay) and daughters Nina (Annabel Scholey), Hannah (Nicola Walker) and Rose (Fiona Button) in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

The Split season 3 is returning very soon for the show's final run as the troubled family of lawyers face a devastating and very personal break-up.

After their mutual infidelities, determined divorce advocate Hannah Stern (Nicola Walker) and barrister husband Nathan (Stephen Mangan) have decided to call time on their marriage, but there’s a rocky road ahead of them as their split may start to become acrimonious.

The Split season 3 is made up of six parts and will begin on Monday, April 4 at 9pm on BBC One and the whole run will be available straight afterwards on BBC iPlayer. It will air on BBC America and AMC’s Sundance Now at a later date.

Who will be in the new season of The Split? Here’s our guide to the main players to look out for…

Nicola Walker as Hannah

Nicola Walker as Hannah in The Split.

Nicola Walker as Hannah in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

Nicola Walker returns to head the cast as divorce lawyer Hannah Stern who usually guides a variety of clients through sticky splits, but is now having to face up to the demise of her own marriage following her affair with old flame Christie Carmichael. Meanwhile, she also has to handle the divorce of her friend Lenora (Karen Bryson).

“We find her in the midst of the divorce, but Hannah is hopeful, there’s still everything to play for,” says Nicola. “But then Hannah lands in possibly one of the most excruciating positions any person could find themselves in, she didn’t realise that Nathan was seeing somebody else…”  

Nicola is best known for her roles as DCI Cassie Stuart in Unforgotten, Ruth Evershed in Spooks and Gillian Greenwood in Last Tango in Halifax and will next be seen in BBC One drama Marriage alongside Sean Bean.

Stephen Mangan as Nathan

Stephen Mangan as Nathan in The Split

Stephen Mangan as Nathan in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

Stephen Mangan will reprise his role as Hannah’s husband Nathan, who was caught cheating after meeting someone from an infidelity site in series one. Now he and Hannah are divorcing and trying to make things as easy as possible for their three children, but secrets come to the fore…

“Human emotion comes into it and complicates everything gloriously. For Hannah, this is her field, she’s been giving out advice to other couples about how to do it well,” explains Stephen. “But when it's your family, it's hard to always act in a good way. They’re such lovely, conflicted characters."

Stephen has appeared in a host of hit comedies including Green Wing and Episodes and he also presents Portrait Artist of the Year and Landscape Artist of the Year.

Barry Atsma as Christie 

Barry Atsma as Christie in The Split.

Barry Atsma as Christie in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

Christie, played by Barry Atsma, is set to make a dramatic comeback later this series to cause more turmoil for Hannah. The charming lawyer has known Hannah for decades and slept with her the night before her wedding, but when they reignited their romance, it contributed to the end of her marriage. He left to work in America, but trouble brews as he returns…

“Christie tried to win Hannah and it didn't work out. But a case leads him back,” explains Dutch star Barry. “And he wants Hannah in his life…”

Barry has appeared in a variety of Dutch TV series and films and has also starred in the likes of The Man with the Iron Heart and Episodes.

Deborah Findlay as Ruth

Hannah’s formidable mother and colleague Ruth, played by Deborah Findlay, will be on hand again in the new season to offer her daughter moral support through her marriage breakdown. Ruth will also launch her own podcast and will continue to enjoy her romance with university lecturer Prof Ronnie (Ian McElhinney)

“Ruth’s moved in with Hannah – for better or worse,” says Deborah. “But if anyone causes Hannah damage, she’ll fight!”

Deborah has appeared in period drama Cranford as well as hard-hitting thrillers including The Drowning, Collateral and State of Play.

Annabel Scholey as Nina

Annabel Scholey as Nina in The Split.

Annabel Scholey as Nina in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

Annabel Scholey is back as Ruth’s troubled middle daughter Nina, who is facing fresh challenges in the new run. The recovering alcoholic is now a new mum to a baby girl, but can she keep her past demons at bay?

“She's consumed with trying to be a new mother and a lawyer,” reveals Annabel. “There are highs and then a lot of crashing down!”

Annabel’s credits include ambitious Amena in Roman drama Britannia and she has also featured in factual drama The Salisbury Poisonings as well as Doctor Who and Being Human.

Fiona Button as Rose

Fiona Button as Rose in The Split.

Fiona Button as Rose in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Fiona Button)

Hannah’s youngest sister Rose, played by Fiona Button, deals with a host of new hurdles as she and husband James (Rudi Dharmalingam) contemplate a different route to parenthood after struggling to have children.

“They’re starting the adoption process," shares Fiona. “But in true Rose fashion, she's having a meltdown!”

Fiona has appeared in period crime drama Grantchester, Sara Pascoe comedy Out of Her Mind and lesbian drama Lip Service.

Chukwudi Iwuji as Zander

Chukwudi Iwuji as Zander in The Split.

Damian Molony as Tyler and Chukwudi Iwuji as Zander in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

Hannah’s dapper boss is also back on the scene in the new run but is unaware that husband Tyler (Damien Molony) kissed Nina, while his sister Lenora’s decision to file for divorce causes ructions. 

“Zander’s blissfully ignorant!” laughs Chukwudi. “But Zander’s sister allows us to understand where he came from.”

Chukwudi has most recently been seen in superhero drama Peacemaker and his previous credits include Doctor Who, The Underground Railroad and Designated Survivor.

Lara Pulver as Kate

Lara Pulver as Kate in The Split.

Lara Pulver as Kate in The Split. (Image credit: (C) Sister)

Lara Pulver joins the cast in the new series as child psychologist Kate who quickly locks horns with Hannah as it emerges that she is in a relationship with Nathan.

“She cares about children and she’s open, honest and direct. It throws in a different dynamic,” Lara tells us. "When I read the character, I thought, 'She's unlikable, I root for Hannah and Nathan!' But she's saying what no one else is brave enough to say.”

Lara played Erin Watts in spy drama Spooks and beguiling Irene Adler in crime thriller Sherlock and has also appeared in Robin Hood and The Alienist: Angel of Darkness.

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