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'The Split' Season 3 — everything you need to know about the final instalment

The Split stars Deborah Findlay, Annabel Scholey, Fiona Button, and Nicola Walker
(Image credit: BBC)

The Split Season 3 will be the show's final series and it also promises to be its most dramatic.

We've already seen several complicated cases since we met divorce lawyer Hannah Stern (Nicola Walker) as she navigates the fast-paced world of London's high end divorce circuit. But in Season 2, we saw dramatic developments in Hannah's marriage to Nathan (Stephen Mangan). 

Season 2 was very well received by viewers, averaging over six million viewers and over 19 million streams, and it became the third most watched drama series on BBC iPlayer in 2020. But what should we expect from The Split Season 3? Here's everything we know so far...

The Split Season 3 release date

There's no confirmed release date for The Split Season 3, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know when it's due to air! The series is currently in production, so we shouldn't have long to wait. The first two series of The Split are available to watch right now on iPlayer.



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What is the plot of The Split Season 3?

At the end of Season 2, Hannah and Nathan’s formerly rock-solid marriage finally fell apart as the depth of Hannah’s betrayal was revealed. Ten months on, the two professional divorce lawyers have been respectfully negotiating their separation and seemed to have reached an amicable agreement.  But, as she and Nathan begin to divide up their twenty years together, Hannah faces what she is about to lose. The synopsis also teases that their dream of achieving the “good divorce” is left in tatters.

We'll also see more from the other Defoe sisters, Nina (Annabel Scholey) and Rose (Fiona Button) and their formidable mother Ruth (Deborah Findlay), as we continue to delve into the family's messy lives.

Series writer Abi Morgan says: “It’s great to be back writing for the Defoe Family, and to dive once more into to the complications of their lives and those of their clients. In the final series of this bittersweet trilogy,  Hannah faces the heartbreak of her own divorce, and the fight to save her family and her marriage. Siblings clash, past mistakes are exposed and hearts are broken as Noble Hale Defoe notches up more billable hours in the divorce capital of the world.” 

Who stars in The Split Season 3?

Several familiar faces are returning for The Split Season 3, as we prepare to say goodbye to the characters we've followed for the past two seasons. Here's who's expected to return for the final season.

  • Nicola Walker as Hannah Stern
  • Stephen Mangan as Nathan Stern
  • Fiona Button as Rose Defoe
  • Annabel Scholey as Nina Defoe
  • Deborah Findlay as Ruth Defoe
  • Lara Pulver as Kate

Is there a trailer?

Not yet. Watch this space!