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The Split returns for series 2 but viewers hugely divided on the first episode

The Split
(Image credit: BBC/Sister Pictures/Mark Johnson)

BBC1’s legal drama The Split is back for another round, but fans weren’t entirely convinced...

The Split has had viewers divided from the start, with its first series being criticised for its twists and legal inaccuracies. Some fans weren’t sure about the series finale especially, which saw many complicated relationships wrapped up.

Series 2 of the BBC1 legal drama follows Hannah (Nicola Walker) and Nathan (Stephen Mangan) now their marriage seems to be back on track. But Hannah is continuing her affair with Christie (Barry Atsma).

Many weren't impressed by the opening episode.

One viewer wrote, “I’m afraid I don’t care about any of the characters. I tried in the first series, and have tried again for the first 30 minutes of the second #TheSplit

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Another added, “#thesplit This really isn't for me I tried with series 1 and now again tonight. Nothing about this world speaks to me.”

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On top of this, some felt disappointed by the story itself, with one viewer saying, “#TheSplit Do love the show, but it really a lot of people in rooms having meetings and not a lot happens More style over substance. Series 3?”

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However, not all reactions were bad, and some fans were delighted that The Split had returned for another round.

One happy fan wrote, “Oh, I loved #TheSplit. So glad to see it back. The houses! The outfits! The music! The offices! Nicola Walker on top form. Can't wait for more.”

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Another added, “Absolutely loved it so glad its back @NicolaWalkerHQ is brilliant now to binge watch the rest or wait until next week #TheSplit

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And a third said, "Oh #TheSplit how I have missed you. Brilliant drama and such powerful performances again this series. What will happen?"

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Things have definitely been mixed amongst viewers, but will The Split win them all over as the series progresses?

The Split continues on BBC1 on 18th February.