What is Ramsay Street really called? Everything you need to know about the famous Neighbours set

What is Ramsay Street really called? Neighbours logo Ramsay St
What is Ramsay Street really called? All you need to know about the real life Neighbours filming location. (Image credit: Channel 5)

What is Ramsay Street really called? The fictional soap road has become a household name, but here is everything you need to know about the real street that Neighbours is filmed on. 

What is Ramsay Street really called?

In November 2019 5 Pin Oak Court, the real house used as Karl and Susan's home, No. 32, was sold for $1.405 million... making it the first house on Pin Oak Court to sell for seven figures. 

Who lives in each house in Ramsay Street? 

Who lives in number 22 Ramsay Street?

When Neighbours first aired number 22 was empty until it was rented from an unseen landlord by Clive Gibbons. After Clive moved out, the house was brought by Paul Robinson, who lived there with his wife Gail Lewis. He then rented it to twins Caroline and Christina Alessi. He later sold the house to Cheryl Stark and she moved in with her children Brett and Danni. Since then Lou Carpenter has lived there, as well as Drew and Libby Kirk, Nina Tucker, Izzy Hoyland and Paul's daughter Elle Robinson to name but a few.

In 2013 the Willis family moves in, and today Terese still lives there with husband Paul Robinson. 

Who lives in number 24 Ramsay Street?

Chloe Brennan is the current resident of No. 24, having lived there with her former husband Pierce Greyson and his son Hendrix Greyson before their marriage break down. The house has been in the Brennan family for a while, with Chloe's older brother Mark living there before with their other brothers Tyler and Aaron. 

Originally No. 24 was always associated with the Ramsay family, with Max and Maria Ramsay living there with their sons Shane and Danny. 

Who lives in number 26 Ramsay Street?

For years Jim Robinson and his mother-in-law Helen Daniels lived at No. 26 along with Jim's four children Paul, Julie, Scott and Lucy. These days it is home to the matriarch of the street, Shelia Canning, and her grandsons Kyle and Levi. Sheila has been living in the house since 2015.

After Jim Robinson's death in 1993 Philip and Julie Martin moved in with their children Hannah, Debbie and Michael. The Scully family followed and Joe, Lyn, Steoh, Felicity and Michelle all moved in. The Timmins family have also lived in No. 26 as well as Lou Carpenter, Rebecca Napier and Summer Hoyland. 

What is Ramsay Street really called? Neighbours cast group shot

Ramsay Street has been home to many residents over the years.  (Image credit: Channel 5)

Who lives in number 28 Ramsay Street?

Karl and Susan Kennedy have lived at No. 28 since moving in with their children Malcolm, Libby and Billy in 1994. While their children might have grown up and moved away, Karl and Susan have remained in the house and have often been seen taking in various family and friends over the years. Currently Bea Nilsson and Hendrix Greyson are living there. 

In the past Elly Conway, Finn Kelly, Stingray Timmins, Sindi Watts have all lived there to name but a few. The children of Susan's second husband Alex Kinski (Rachel, Zeke and Katya Kinski) also all lived there for a time. 

Who lives in number 30 Ramsay Street?

Toadie Rebecchi has lived at No. 30 for more than a decade, and he originally lived there with his late wife Sonya Rebecchi and her son, Callum. Today Toadie is living in the house with his daughter Nell, his son Hugo, and his bother's family. Shane, Dipi and Yashvi all moved in after No. 32 (which they were renting at the time) got sold. Shane and Dipi are now relocating to Sydney, but Yashvi remains at the house along with Toadie, the kids and their family friend Mackenzie Hargreaves. 

Former residents include Nell Mangle, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel, Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood, Sarah Beaumont, Dee Bliss and Libby Kennedy. 

Who lives in number 32 Ramsay Street?

David Tanaka and his husband Aaron Brennan bought No. 32 from Lauren Turner and Brad Willis. They have had various housemates staying with them but currently it is Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Brent Colefax who are living there with them. Brent's brother Emmett Donaldson is also a regular at the house. 

Previous owners of the house include Kerry and Sky Bishop, the Rebecchis, Max Hoyland and his family, Lauren Turner and her family, Daniel Robinson and Lucas Fitzgerald. 

Who lives in number 34 Ramsay Street?

Located on the corner of Ramsay Street, No. 34 is a little known residence with no main characters living there. The house was featured in the 8000th episode of the soap in 2018 when its reclusive owner Valerie Grundy passed away after living there for 34 years. Later David Tanaka and his husband Aaron Brennan discovered all sort of Ramsay Street memorabilia in their house which Val had hoarded over the years. 

Can I visit the 'Neighbours' set? 

Yes! Good news for Neighbours fans is that there is a special tour on offer just for viewers of the soap. Visit www.neighbourstour.com.au to find out how you can go behind the scenes on a Neighbours tour of iconic Ramsay Street, including the studio backlot and exterior sets such as the Lassiters Complex, Fitzgerald Motors, The Waterhole, Harold's Cafe and The Tram. There is also the change to meet some of the cast and you might even be lucky enough to see some filming taking place. 

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