What is The Longest Night about on Netflix? All your questions answered

The Longest Night is a Spanish Netflix thriller about a prison siege. (Image credit: CARLA OSET/NETFLIX)

The Longest Night (La Noche Más Larga) is the latest Spanish thriller to hit Netflix that has garnered a lot of attention for its intense plot, following in the steps of the highly successful Spanish heist series La Casa De Papel (Money Heist).

The prison thriller focuses on a notorious serial killer called Simón Lago (Luis Callejo) aka "The Alligator," who is imprisoned in the Monte Baruca psychiatric prison. 

On Christmas Eve night, a group of armed men surround the prison and cut off communications with the outside. Their aim is to capture the dangerous and sadistic killer, but if the guards give in to the group’s demands the attack would be over in minutes. 

However, the prison guard Hugo Roca (Alberto Ammann) has other ideas and prepares to resist the assault, refusing to obey their requests.

We’ve answered the most asked questions regarding The Longest Night, including if there will be a second season…

What is The Longest Night about on Netflix?

The Longest Night is the night of December 24th when the infamous, evil serial killer Simón Lago is arrested by a SWAT team after evading capture for years and sent to Monte Baruco, a psychiatric prison not able to handle him.

Meanwhile, an expert assault team, hired by a mysterious contractor and led by a man called Lennon (Jose Luis Garcia Perez), is leading his deadly group straight towards the prison to capture Simón.

The prison warden, Hugo Roca receives a phone call interrupting his Christmas Eve dinner with his three children asking him to come to the prison to deal with the handover.

Armed gunmen

Armed mercenaries storm the prison. (Image credit: CARLA OSET/NETFLIX)

His oldest daughter Laura (Maria Caballero), goes to stay with her mum, while Hugo is forced to take his younger son and daughter with him.

Simón informs him that they’re in for a very long night and the mercenaries shut off the power to the facility. The group position themselves outside the block where Simón is being held and demand Hugo to hand him over. If he does, the group will leave and nothing more will happen. 

However, Hugo’s situation was made even more complicated when he discovered that Laura is being held ransom and will be killed if Simón is released. This leaves Hugo in an impossible situation, balancing the lives of his family and the other prisoners.

Will there be a second season of The Longest Night?

At the moment, season 2 of The Longest Night hasn’t been confirmed and there has been no news on whether it will be renewed or not.

However, the fact that it made Netflix’s Top 10 list could urge them to renew it due to its high viewership and reaction to the series, which is something they usually look at before making the decision to renew a show.

Despite this, episode six definitely leaves things open for another series after the mysterious and ambiguous ending left viewers guessing.


Alberto Ammann plays prison warden Hugo. (Image credit: CARLA OSET/NETFLIX)

How many episodes does The Longest Night have? 

The Longest Ride consists of six one hour long episodes. 

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