Who has owned the Woolpack pub in Emmerdale — and who owns it now?

Who has owned the Woolpack? The Woolpack pub in Emmerdale.
The Woolpack pub in Emmerdale has had many owners. (Image credit: ITV)

Who has owned the Woolpack in Emmerdale over the years? The pub is the beating heart of the village, where the residents come together. Hardly a week goes by without a fight, a flirt, or a funny happening occurring in the famous hostelry.

All this drama has been seen by the pub’s landlords and landladies over the last five decades as they pull the pints. Here, we check them out, from fusty Amos Brearly to feisty Chas Dingle…

1972–1991 The Amos and Mr Wilks Years

You think old-school Emmerdale Farm and these are the two faces that come to mind: Amos with his mutton chops and Mr Wilks sucking on his pipe. Amos Brearly took over the pub in 1948, so was well established as the landlord by the time we met him when the show began in 1972. 

He was joined by ‘Mr Wilks’ — as Amos always referred to him — in 1973. Henry arrived to stay after his house was destroyed by fire, but ended up forming a business partnership with Amos. Although famous for their bickering, the pair become close friends and formed a solid team behind the bar. Meanwhile, Amos was the font of all village gossip — whether you wanted it or not.

Memorable staff

Dolly Acaster; Henry’s girlfriend Alison Gibbons

Memorable moments

When the pub is found to be suffering from subsidence in 1976, Amos and Henry buy a new building and move the Woolpack there, where it remains to this day.

Amos and Henry are held hostage by an armed robber.

Bar Wars

After suffering a stroke and a bad fall, Amos decided to give up the pub. Henry was hurt and disappointed that he was deserting the business, but the pair parted on good terms. The same can’t be said of Henry and new landlord Alan Turner, who don’t get on, leaving Henry to move out for good.

1991 – 1999 The Alan Turner Years

Although originally unpopular in the village for his ruthless ways, taking over the Woolpack mellowed businessman Alan, and eventually, he became a much-loved and upstanding member of the community. Some of his ideas to bring the pub up to date raised a few eyebrows, but modernise it he did. He even opened up part of the building as a wine bar. Alan was joined by his new wife Shirley behind the bar, but she was tragically shot and killed just months after their wedding.

Memorable bar staff

Alan’s bubbly granddaughter Tricia Stokes; Bernice Blackstock; Mandy Dingle

Memorable moments

The famous plane crash damages the Woolpack and destroys the Wine Bar, leaving Chris Tate paralysed.

An accident with some fireworks sees the pub gutted, and Alan has it totally refurbished.

Bar Wars

After Shirley’s death, Alan brought in bar managers Terry and Britt Woods to run the pub. He then continued to take a back seat with Bernice Blackstock among others running The Woolie. However, a heart attack in 1999 saw him decide to sell the pub, and Bernice’s mum Diane, with whom he’d become close, agreed to buy it to run with her daughter.

1999 – 2010 The Diane Sugden Years Part 1

Diane from Emmerdale behind the bar.

Diane behind the bar of the Woolpack. (Image credit: ITV)

With her Geordie warmth Diane was a natural behind the bar, and she had the toughness to keep any rowdy regulars in check. She originally co-owned with Bernice, but after her departure, bubbly Aussie Louise Appleton became her partner in the business. Later, Diane kept it in the family again once again when she partnered up with sister Val. Their stormy relationship meant there were few quiet nights behind the bar.

Notable staff

Future landlady Chas Dingle: Andy Sugden’s wife, Jo; Chef Marlon made his debut in The Woolie kitchen during this era.

Notable events

During a storm, the pub is hit by lighting and part of it collapses, killing Tricia. 

Bar Wars

Yet another argument with Val made Diane realise she couldn’t go on with their partnership, so she bought her sister out. Her new romance with Charlie Haynes saw her plan to relocate to France with him, so she looked around for a buyer…

2010: The King Era

Emmerdale Jimmy and Nicola behind the Woolpack bar

Jimmy and Nicola's time behind the bar was short and sweet.  (Image credit: ITV)

While Jimmy King might be a bit gormless, he was a friendly face to see behind the bar. As for his wife, Nicola… well let’s just say front customer-facing roles may not be her forte. The couple only took over the pub briefly from Diane, but Nicola found the role rather a struggle, especially with young daughter Angelica to look after.

Bar wars

Nicola and Jimmy never completed the deal, and with Diane having discovered Charlie was a conman, she reluctantly took back the reins back at the pub within weeks.

2010-2016 The Diane Sugden Years Part 2

Emmerdale Diane behind the bar of the Woolpack

Diane found herself back behind the Woolpack bar in 2010. (Image credit: ITV)

Diane took back the pub, but struggled running it on her own. Step in long-serving barmaid Chas Dingle, who knew the business, was great with the customers and fancied buying into The Woolie.

Notable staff

Moira Dingle; Priya Sharma left the family business to take a role behind the bar.

Notable events

As a terrible storm batters the village, Cameron Murray holds several residents hostage, but later dies in the flooded Woolpack cellar.

Thinking she’s an intruder, Chas accidentally stabs Diane.

Bar Wars

Diane almost sold her share of the pub to Chas in 2013, when she was thinking of moving to Oz, but changed her mind at the last minute. However, when she faced a second cancer battle, Diane decided it was finally time to give up The Woolie.

2016 – 2021 The Chas Dingle Years


Chas has been at the Woolpack helm since 2016. (Image credit: ITV)

With Diane gone, Chas could really put her stamp on the pub. However, when new co-owner Charity turned out to be rather work-shy, Chas was left frustrated by her behaviour. Meanwhile, Charity’s acerbic manner didn’t exactly make her a natural with the punters either. With Charity on a downward spiral, Chas eventually refused to work with her. Charity was eventually persuaded to sell her share to Marlon, who became Chas’ new partner. Although he was thrilled, the business didn't turn out to be the bed of roses they thought it would be.

Notable staff

Bob Hope, Matty Barton, Dawn Woods.

Notable events

Vanessa is stabbed around the pack of the pub after catching Donny Cairns setting fire to the bins.

2022 - Charity Dingle and Ryan Stocks 

Emmerdale Charity Ryan

Charity and Ryan took over the Woolpack in February 2022.  (Image credit: ITV)

The village boozer was gutted in a fire at Christmas 2021, which was started by Al Chapman, who co-owned it with Chas and Marlon Dingle. Shady Al had plans to turn the building into trendy apartments with dodgy business acquaintance Gavin. But Gavin later pulled out of the deal, and the popular watering hole went under the hammer, with Charity and son Ryan eventually being revealed as the winning bidders.

Notable staff

After clashing with Charity, Chas took a step back from being bar manager, with Charity’s lover Mack stepping into the role. Charity has taken on a more hands-on approach to the pub, with her computer-wizard son, Ryan, handling the admin, marketing and financial side of things. 

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