Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK?

Rhino for The Masked Singer UK
Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK? (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV)

Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK? He was crowned the winner of The Masked Singer UK season 4 — but did you guess who was under the mask?

Once again The Masked Singer returned to our screens, meaning there were a whole host of crazy characters entertaining us each Saturday night.

Judge Davina McCall previously said that Rhino's performance was particularly emotional, saying: "Rhino has been particularly emotive. There are people who completely draw you in.

"It’s lucky for Rhino, actually, that they can pull some emotion out of the bag, because it's very, very hard in that costume to give us anything at all. They are massive, and they are quite humble.

"They keep putting their little hooves together, it looks so sweet. If it's possible to have a sweet rhino, this is it."

Here's what we know about Rhino including which celebrity was hiding under the costume...

Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK?

Rhino became The Masked Singer UK champion as he was revealed to be Busted singer Charlie Simpson.

After his unmasking, Charlie said: "I was terrified the entire time. The thing I was scared most of was remembering lyrics. I often forget lyrics to my own songs on stage, so 'Try', the last version of 'Try' I did, was the only time I didn't really think about it and I tried to enjoy it."

Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK? Songs 

Rhino's first song was Snow Patrol's version of 'Chasing Cars.' He then sang 'Try' by P!nk in his second performance, 'I Just Can't Wait to be King' from The Lion King in his third performance and 'Into You' by Ariana Grande for his fourth song. 

In the semi-final he sang 'Little Bit of Love' by Tom Grennan and 'Use Somebody' by Kings of Leon.

Rhino sang 'Try' by P!nk in the final!

Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK? Show clues

Fans were convinced that Rhino could be X Factor winner James Arthur after his first performance left everyone convinced it was the reality TV star's vocals they were listening to. 

But Charlie Simpson from Busted had also been mentioned in connection to the elaborate character after spotting that the number given for the population of the town in the clue video, which was said to be 158697 is actually Charlie's birth date muddled up. 

Rhino's week four clue package saw him tease: "In this here town, I like to encourage patience. True, I might be a rhino, but I've never been one to charge into a situation."

We also saw a sign saying "HOME 19,9900 KM" and Rhino also revealed that they've been in a hurry to get somewhere on occasion. 

The Statue of Liberty and an apple was also shown, most likely hinting at 'The Big Apple' aka New York and Rhino indicated that he has been the odd one out before as he picked up a pair of round glasses.

Rhino also had "the natural gift of strength" that allowed him to "break through" and additional clues during his performance included a horse with a cowboy hat on and posters of a country music festival.

Rhino's Clue or False was: "Can I be real for a second? There's a rumour that I'm a thieving sheriff" and "Now there's a whisper, that I wasted no time in turning down a highfalutin offer." The audience believed that number two was true.

When it was the judges turn to guess who it was, Jonathan Ross suggested James Arthur and Rita Ora thought Joe Jonas could be behind the mask.

In week six the judges guessed Charlie Simpson, Snoop Dog, James Arthur, Max George, Ben Stiller or Jason Orange could be the celebrity hiding in the giant Rhino costume after clues including wanted signs featuring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were seen, and a sign called The Rope Reunion. 

Rhino performing on-stage

Rhino charged to the semi-final of the competition. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Rhino stormed his way to the semi-final and the judges seemed convinced that he was putting on an American accent. 

"Being a rhino you've got options. You can be part of herd, or tread a solitary path," Rhino said. We were then shown some tickets with 'Admit Everyone' stamped on each of them.

Rhino continued: "You can also do both, like me," as he showed a ball of rubber bands — could he have been in a band and then gone solo?

Rhino then went on to say that they've "always been the gentle sort" and that he's been known to raise a few eyebrows. A makeup artist was then seen wearing vampire teeth.

"I've always managed to find my tribe," he concluded his clue package.

During his performance, a pair of cowboy boots and a horseshoe was shown on the screen behind him.

The judging panel had a go at guessing once again with them suggesting that James Arthur, Charlie Simpson and Robbie Williams could be behind the mask, with Charlie Simpson being the particular favorite.

Additional clues for Rhino included the words 'Penelope' and 'Zombie'.

Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK? Verbal clues

"They were horn this way - it's Rhino!" was Rhino's first verbal clue.  

This one truly had us stumped and we thought it could have been hinting towards a wildlife presenter or someone who was an avid lover of animals and supported wildlife charities.

During Rhino's first appearance, he said: "I'm chief of this town and happy-go-lucky but one of you guys might think I'm quite muggy." There was also a reference to "two bad jokes".

In week six Rhino said they were "born to be wild" while also teasing: "Being a Sheriff you can be a puppet of the law". 

Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer UK? Costume clues

The outrageous costume depicts a rhino with sparkly horns dressed in a red tasselled cowboy outfit with a cowboy hat perched on its head.

When looking at the costume, it instantly reminded us of global superstar Lil Nas X, who shot to fame after releasing his highly successful country rap single Old Town Road, which is what the costume could be referencing. Not only that but the rapper is also known for his unique and iconic outfits — with one of his most famous ones being a bright pink cowboy suit he wore to the Grammy Awards. A clue there, maybe?

Another possibility could be country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus, who also featured on Lil Nas X's song Old Town Road and of course, has donned a few cowboy hats in his time!

Although Rhino turned out to be a professional singer, we were completely wrong with our guesses!

Episodes of The Masked Singer UK are available to watch on ITVX.

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