Why does Brady go to jail in Virgin River? What happens to Brady in Virgin River? All your questions answered

Why does Brady go to jail in Virgin River? Brady in Virgin River
Why does Brady go to jail in Virgin River? And more key questions answered (Image credit: Netflix)

Warning! Contains spoilers for Virgin River season 4!

Virgin River season 4 has finally arrived on Netflix and fans are delighted to finally get the answers they've desperately been waiting for.

The hit romantic drama follows Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse practitioner who packs her bags and leaves Los Angeles behind for a fresh start in the titular sleepy town.

Despite the idyllic exterior, Virgin River still manages to pack in plenty of small-scale drama, and season 4 is no different.

Troubled character, Brady (Ben Hollingsworth), who was accused of shooting Jack  Sheridan (Martin Henderson) in season 3, has been raising questions from fans throughout his turbulent journey in season 4.

So what happens to Brady in Virgin River? Why does Brady go to jail in Virgin River? We've got all the answers to your biggest questions below...

What happens to Brady in Virgin River?

In Virgin River season 3, troubled resident Dan Brady was arrested for the attempted murder of Jack. Despite being adamant about his innocence, the cops discovered the gun used to shoot Jack in his car and Brady insisted that he had been set up but they didn’t believe him.

Now, in Virgin River season 4, the opening episode sees Brady in jail awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Jack. A hostile and despondent Brady isn’t keen on making friends, thinking that he won’t be there for much longer.

However, Brady gets into a confrontation with fellow inmate Jimmy and his men, who were involved in the raid with Brady.

Jimmy warns him to watch his back, before acting on his threats and attempting to stab Brady.

He defends himself, but is blindsided by another prisoner — Jimmy’s cousin, who stabs him and leaves him to bleed out in the prison yard.

It looked like it was the end for Brady as he’s rushed to hospital, but he miraculously survives the attack. 

Brady in a hospital bed and Brie on the phone

Brady was hospitalized after being jumped in jail. (Image credit: Netflix)

Later on in the series, his innocence is proven, with the help of Jack’s sister, Brie Sheridan (Zibby Allen) and the charges are dropped against him.

Brady struggles to adjust to life once out of prison, but things start looking up for him as the series goes on, but more danger seems to be lurking ahead.

Why does Brady go to jail in Virgin River? 

As explained before, Brady was sent to jail for shooting his former Marines pal Jack at his bar.

At the end of Virgin River season 2, Mel was heartbroken when she found Jack bleeding out on the floor of his bar with a gunshot wound. Jack survived the attempted killing, but he doesn't remember who it was that shot him, and we've been desperate for the shooter's identity to be revealed ever since.

In season 3, Brady was arrested for the shooting, as a gun was found under the seat of his car. Brady has insisted to everyone that he was innocent; even some of the fans have doubted that he would ever go to the extreme lengths of shooting his friend.

Now, in season 4 the shooter’s identity was revealed, but we won’t spoil that for you!

 Who is Brady in Virgin River?

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady, Zibby Allen as Brie

Brady served in the Marines before moving to Virgin River. (Image credit: Netflix)

Brady is one of Virgin River’s most troubled residents and has been struggling to adjust to regular life since serving in the Marines with Jack and Preacher (Colin Lawrence).

Not a lot is known about his life before the Marines, but his friendship has been pretty problematic with Jack when he started working for him at the bar.

He stole money on a number of occasions from the bar, but despite this, Jack kept him employed. 

Brady left the bar after Jack refused to make him a manager, which fractured the pair’s friendship.

However, in season 3, Brady fell in love with Jack’s sister, Brie, who he didn't know was his sister at the time.

Virgin River season 4 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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