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Holby's Camilla Arfwedson: 'Zosia ends up unconscious after a mixing alcohol and drugs!'

Zosia’s hard partying leads to dramatic consequences in Tuesday's Holby City, as Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

It's the end of term for Keller ward's young doctors, Zosia, Dominic and Arthur. This year's been difficult for Zosia, hasn't it?

"Zosia's been emotionally unstable for a while with the death of her mother and her fractured relationship with her father, Holby boss Guy Self. Then she fell in love with her dad's best friend Jesse and started to enjoy life a bit more - but a few weeks ago he dumped her and left Holby. So now Zosia feels she has nothing."

Before they can celebrate, the trio treat patient Noah. What is it about Noah and his mother that strikes a chord with Zosia?

"Noah's training to become an astronaut, but his mother doesn't want to tell him she's dying of cancer, fearing he'll be distracted from his studies. This mirrors Zosia's own situation in that Guy chose not to reveal her mother was dying, so she'd focus on her medical exams. Not wanting Noah to miss out on precious time with his mother like she did, Zosia wants to tell him the truth."

Arthur intervenes, however, and has some harsh words for her doesn't he?

"Arthur stops Zosia, telling her the reason Jesse left her is because she only ever thinks about herself! Zosia's devastated her good friend would turn on her like that - it totally sends her into a spin."

After an emotional day Zosia goes out partying. But the night ends in disaster - what happens?

"Zosia certainly knows how to drink and, that night, she really wants to let her hair down. The day's events have really pushed her to the limit, so she goes to a bar, gets very drunk with Dom, but then mixes the alcohol with prescription drugs... and ends up unconscious!"

She's back at the hospital when she collapses, but Arthur and Dominic help her and cover up the incident, don't they?

"Arthur's the big hero of the hour - he secretly treats Zosia at the hospital and saves her life. Arthur takes a massive risk - he knows if anyone finds out about this, it could be the end of all their careers."

How will the events of that night test Zosia, Arthur and Dom's friendship in the coming weeks?

"The fact they're all bound by this secret brings the three of them much closer together. What's more, this incident marks the beginning of an interesting time for Zosia - one that will expose a very vulnerable side to her and reveal exactly why she behaves the way she does."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.