Holby's Joe McFadden: 'The question is whether Raf can leave the past in the past'

As Amy discovers the sex of her unborn baby in Tuesday's Holby City on BBC1, Raf struggles to move on from his wife's night with Harry, as Joe McFadden reveals...

Amy's delighted when she discovers that she and Raf are expecting a baby boy. But it seem's Raf's unable to share in her enthusiasm - is he still struggling with the idea that the baby might be Harry's?

"Yes he is. It's such a hurdle for Raf to get over, the possibility of bringing up someone else's child - it's a lot to ask of anyone."

Does Raf believe he can ever move on from Amy's one-night stand with Harry and possibly raise another man's child?

"Well, it's a question of whether or not Raf can put his past in the past. Every time he thinks he's got over Amy's infidelity and that everything is going to be OK, his old rivalry with Harry keeps rearing it's ugly head."

But didn't Raf promise to stick by Amy, whether the baby turns out to be Harry's or not?

"Raf's full of the best intentions because he really wants to make their relationship work. They've been through so much together that he can't turn his back on her."

Later, to give each other some space, Amy tells Raf she's going to stay with her brother - is this the end for Amy and Raf?

"Raf doesn't know how to be without Amy - he can't lose her."

Have you enjoyed getting to show Raf's vulnerable side as this storyline has progressed?

"Raf was a bit of a pain to begin with - he was so full of himself to the point of being quite arrogant. It's nice to show him learning how to be humble and learning that he isn't perfect - in the way that no one is."


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