Holby's Wendy Kweh: Raf and Harry are both at the birth!

It's all go for Amy in Tuesday's Holby City on BBC One. First Raf gives her a shock when he asks for a divorce, then she finds out she's in labour! Actress Wendy Kweh reveals all...

With her baby's arrival imminent, Amy starts to consider a birthing plan. Although they're separated, why is Amy so keen to have husband Raf at the birth?

"Amy still has a sense of what's right. Also, without saying it, she can admit that she's scared. At least with Raf, she doesn't have to say it."

It seems Raf has other ideas though. How does Amy react when Raf says they should get divorced?

"She's flummoxed! She thought they had, at least temporarily, settled on a way to make things work. But now he's having one of his 'taking the initiative' moments. It really catches her off guard."

When Amy has a funny turn, Harry's there to help. How does she feel about having him around?

"She's confused. Harry has that effect on people even when they aren't having a funny turn. When they are truly vulnerable he's at his best... and very worst."

How does Amy react to Mr T's shock revelation that she's in labour? Is she totally ready for motherhood?

"Amy's obviously scared and fears she'll never be totally ready for motherhood. Fortunately, she can cover some of her vulnerability; she's had to so many times this year already."

Amy's birth doesn't exactly go how she planned.. She's forced to have a Caesarean and both Raf AND Harry are at the birth! Describe how Amy's feeling in these circumstances?

"I'd like to say confused, but frankly when she's in the middle of it she doesn't really care who is there, why or what they are doing as long as they are looking after her, which of course they are both making sure they are."

As Amy recovers, she overhears Raf saying he's been to see the baby and admits he can't forgive himself for the problems in their marriage. Is Amy hopeful there's a chance they can still be a family?

"In that moment, Amy simultaneously feels hope and sadness. She wonders why it must take someone other than her for her to matter again. In reality, what does that mean for their relationship...?"


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