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New Holby star Marc Elliott : 'Unlike Syed, Isaac is a confident, out man' (VIDEO)

Marc Eliott at Isaac Mayfield in Holby

Marc Elliott, best known for his role as Syed Masood in Eastenders, turns medic for BBC1 hospital drama Holby City as new registrar Isaac Mayfield.

Marc Elliott turns medic for BBC1 hospital drama Holby City as new registrar Isaac Mayfield, who's gay like his EastEnders character, Syed Masood, was – but there the similarities end!

Isaac arrives at Holby following a one-night stand with medic Dom, but this character is very open about his sexuality, as Marc told What’s on TV: “It’s incidental, it doesn’t define him at all. He is a really confident, out man who is not conflicted or confused about who he is.”

Marc’s role as Syed in Eastenders was defined by the characters confusion with his sexuality, eventually leading to him going against his Muslim religion and marrying his boyfriend Christian Clarke.

Marc said: “That was Syed really, the struggle with wanting his religion and his sexuality to co-exist. With Isaac, it’s part of his make-up, but it doesn’t define who he is at all which is quite interesting.”

However, things don’t initially run too smoothly with Dom as the medic has lied to Isaac about his profession and is left dumbfounded when his one-night stand appears on the ward. But Marc hinted things could change and develop between the pair.

“Isaac is one of those guys who, if he sees something he wants, he is going to have it. What develops is a kind of romance, which is due mainly to Isaac’s persistence.”

Playing a doctor has been a lifelong ambition for Marc, but its a stark contrast to his character in EastEnders.

Marc said: “What’s nice about Isaac is that he is very assured and very capable and he is a professional, which is what Syed always dreamed of being.”

Marc makes his debut in Holby City on Thursday, June 23 at 8pm on BBC1.

Story by Charlie Milward