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Chelsee Healey to play Goldie McQueen in Hollyoaks

(Image credit: Lime Pictures)

The former Waterloo Road actress will join the Hollyoaks cast, alongside Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Theo Graham who will play her twin sons, Prince and Hunter

Hollyoaks is about to welcome the arrival of a new batch of McQueens to the village.

Chelsee Healey is to join the Hollyoaks cast as Goldie McQueen, cousin to the infamous McQueen clan. She will bring with her her 15-year old twin boys Prince and Hunter.

Chelsee, who has starred in Casualty and Waterloo Road, said: “I am absolutely thrilled to join Hollyoaks. I’ve grown up watching it so to be in it is unbelievable. It was an irresistible opportunity, especially to play this character.”

Chelsee will make her Hollyoaks debut this autumn. Her character, Goldie, will show up in search of her ‘posh’ relatives Myra, Mercedes and John Paul, who are not quite as excited to see her.

A Hollyoaks spokesperson said: “Tough, gobby and absolutely shameless, Goldie will never back down in a fight and she's always game for a good old-fashioned McQueen scam to make some fast cash.

“Goldie's come to Hollyoaks in the hope of mooching off the family she's scarcely had anything to do with. But one thing she cares more about than making easy money is her twins, Prince and Hunter, who she had in her teens. She'd go to the ends of the earth for her lads and will defend them like a lioness.”

Chelsee, 27, said: “I can’t believe I am playing a mum, but the boys are so fantastic to work with and we are all delighted by our new family unit.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer will play Prince – a confident, rebellious youth with issues listening to authority. He will surely stir up some mischief in the village.

His brother, Hunter, played by Theo Graham, is bit more sensitive and is an aspiring graffiti artist. However, Prince has a tendency to lead him astray.