Hollyoaks’ Helen Lederer waits for call-up for the Ab Fab movie

Helen Lederer, currently back in Hollyoaks as eccentric alcoholic midwife Mariam, has revealed there’s another role she would love to repeat.

Actress and novelist Helen’s hoping she’ll get the call to reprise her role as dimwitted magazine employee Catriona in the Absolutely Fabulous film, which is expected to go into production later this year.

“I would love to be in it,” says Helen. “I don’t want to make any assumptions but it would be lovely to be a part of it because that team was such a lovely bunch of people.”

Jennifer Saunders, who created the hit TV comedy series based on idea she has with Dawn French, has completed the script for the big screen adaptation, called Edina and Patsy - the two party-loving animals played by Jennifer and Joanna Lumley.

“I did hear a rumour that Jennifer was going to put everyone in who had been in the TV series, so I’m waiting for the call,” adds Helen. “I spoke to Jane [Horrorcks, who played Bubble] and she hasn’t heard, so who knows?”

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