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Hollyoaks' Sophie Austin: The Roscoes stunt is 'almost like a James Bond movie' (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a week of must-see episodes from Monday, which will see the Gloved Hand Killer finally unmasked, and the Roscoe brothers plunge into peril when Trevor Royle tries to kill them. Sophie Austin, who plays Freddie's wife Lindsey told What's on TV what to expect.. "]

"It's going to be quite scary for viewers wondering if something's going to happen to one of the brothers," revealed Sophie. "There are loads of twists and turns. A lot of time and effort has been put into the stunt. It's almost like a James Bond movie! It's really exciting. You've got all the fit lads together so it's gonna be cool!"

Speaking of fit lads, Lindsey is still caught between husband Freddie and her ex, his older brother, Joe. It looks like Freddie has now made a beeline for village schemer, Mercedes. But is Lindsey still holding out for Freddie?

"Freddie always brought out the dangerous side in Lindsey," said Sophie. "They have a really close friendship, but there's no real security with Freddie. She sees Joe as stability. But they're both really fit. I'm happy with either one!"

Watch Sophie talk about the drama in anniversary week, whether hospital doctor Lindsey could be the Gloved Hand Killer and what's going on with her Single White Female sister, Kim, above.

Don't miss Hollyoaks 20th anniversary week, from Monday 19th October on Channel 4 and E4.