Jorgie Porter on her fairytale life after Hollyoaks

Jorgie Porter, Hollyoaks
(Image credit: Jono Symonds Photography)

Jorgie Porter talks about reality TV, living in Los Angeles, why she left Hollyoaks and how much she's loving panto

Former Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter - AKA Theresa McQueen - tells us about her life after soap and how she is loving being in panto in Liverpool…

You’ve been playing Snow White in panto, Jorgie. How’s it going? “Incredible. It’s my first time doing panto and I just love it. In fact, I’m always early arriving at the theatre because I love it so much and I’m so eager. It’s a fantastic production, the people are great and I’m so enjoying acting, singing and dancing on stage.”

Do you fancy doing a musical next? “Maybe. I’m interested in whatever comes my way. The right thing will turn up at the right time. I never turn my nose up at anything.”

You were in I’m a Celebrity… in 2015. Would you do more reality TV? “That would depend on what it was. I enjoy watching reality shows and being in them, but I hate watching me as myself on telly. It makes me cringe. I much prefer watching myself acting a part.”

Do you miss Hollyoaks? “I miss the people, but I played Theresa McQueen for eight years and I was ready to do new things and take on new challenges. I have no regrets about leaving. I don’t do regrets. If you dwell on regrets, how can you live your life and move on? ”

You have been living in Los Angeles off and on. Will you be going back in the New Year? “I might. It depends what happens after the panto. I  love the sunshine and the lifestyle out there. I do lots of acting classes when I’m there and it’s refreshing to just be myself.”

Is there anything you miss about home? “I don’t get homesick much. I left home when I was only 16, so I’m used to being independent and just getting on with things. What I do miss when I’m in LA is Marks & Spencer – especially all the delicious treats you can buy from there.”