Ryan caught out with Kyle Kelly at party? Will they give in to temptation?

Copper Ryan is flustered when his secret lover Kyle Kelly shows up at a family party

Ryan is seriously jittery when Kyle Kelly, who he was enjoying a secret fling with the night of his wife Amy's death, turns up at a family party.

Kyle breezes into the celebrations that are being held for Ryan's Aunty Doreen who also happens to be the wife of DS Thorpe.

While Ryan attempts to play it cool, it's clear he's ruffled to see his secret lover and eagle-eyed lawyer James, is quick to spot the tension between the two men.

Will they once again give into temptation and is someone about to rumble the relationship they've been so desperate to keep under wraps?

Kyle shows up at a family party and leaves Ryan seriously ruffled!

Earlier on Tegan has been hoping for more from Ryan but it's clear Ryan is secretly just using her!

While Tegan clearly fancies the pants off Ryan, the copper continues to play it cool

Meanwhile, as celebrations get underway for Ryan's Aunty Doreen, the booze is flowing.

When Kyle suddenly shows up, Ryan makes a big point of flirting with Tegan but who is he fooling?

A ruffled Ryan heads over to talk to his secret lover Kyle but what is he going to say?

Meanwhile Leela gets worse for wear and causes a scene when she gets into slanging match that ends with a fight!

Elsewhere James clocks the tension between Ryan and Kyle and is certain there's something going on. Will Kyle and Ryan once again give into temptation and if so, are they about to be rumbled? Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday 13 November