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Can I Watch CuriosityStream on Android TVs?

Best answer: Yep, and it's easy to do! Once you're subscribed, you can either download it from your TV's app store or stream it via Android's Cast feature.

  • Stream on Android: CuriosityStream (opens in new tab) (Subscriptions start at $3 a month)

The smartest streaming service on Android

If Netflix isn't scratching the intellectual itch, CuriosityStream might well be exactly what you're looking for. The brainchild of John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel, it features more than 2400 top-tier documentaries featuring great minds like Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough. Many of its shows are drawn directly from studios like the BBC, NHK, and ZED, though CuriosityStream features an impressive library of original content, as well.

Register for a CuriosityStream subscription

CuriosityStream subscriptions start at $3 per month for high-definition video. If you're set on ultra HD, you'll only need to pay a little bit more, at $10 a month. If you're interested in streaming to an Android device, though, a subscription is recommended. CuriosityStream does offer some free and ad-supported content, but those offerings are relatively limited when compared to its overall library.

You can sign up for CuriosityStream via web browser here (opens in new tab) , or as part of the registration process within the CuriosityStream app.

How to watch CuriosityStream on your Android TV

If you've already got a CuriosityStream subscription, all you need to do to watch CuriosityStream on most Android TVs is download it from the app store. Once you've installed the app, simply log in, and you're good to go! Note that at the moment, CuriosityStream only offers apps on LG, Samsung, VIZIO, and Sony devices.

If you're using an Android TV that isn't one of those brands, don't worry! You can still access CuriosityStream's content. Just open up the CuriosityStream app on an Android device, and once you start watching a show, you should have the option to cast it to your television.

You can also do this from the Google Chrome web browser. Click on the dropdown menu located in the upper right-hand corner (it looks like three vertical dots). One of the options on the menu should be Cast.

Click it, select your TV, and you're good to go!