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How many shows can HDHomerun Servio record at once?

Best answer: Based on which HDHomeRun tuner box you choose, you can record anywhere from 2-4 shows at once. The HDHomeRun Servio doesn't have a tuner so you will need to get an HDHomeRun device with a tuner to plug into the Servio — then it will act as a DVR for the tuners.

Watch your shows where you want

Products from HDHomeRun have quickly become a favorite among cord cutters, from OTA tuners to its DVR services. A more recent product from the company is the HDHomeRun Servio, which acts like a server for the things you record from the HDHomeRun DVR services. The Servio has an internal 2TB hard drive that can store up to 300 hours of video content. Since this is an internet-connected device, it can allow you to access all of your recorded programmings anywhere you are online.

The HDHomeRun Servio acts as an add-on to your existing HDHomeRun setup. Its goal is to simplify your recording and storage by keeping a smart HDHomeRun integrated server. So, to store or watch anything, your Servio you will need an HDHomeRun product with a tuner provided. Here are some options.

Product Tuners Price
HDHomeRun Connect Duo 2 tuners $80 at Amazon
HDHomeRun Connect Quatro 4 tuners $150 at SiliconDust Shop
HDHomeRun Scribe Duo 2 tuners $200 at SiliconDust Shop
HDHomeRun Scribe Quatro 4 tuners $250 at SiliconDust Shop
HDHomeRun Extend 2 tuners $180 at Amazon

While the HDHomeRun Servio may not have its own tuners, it is a fantastic addition to the HDHomeRun line-up to help in making your cord-cutting efforts a bit more flexible and simple. You'll just want to be sure and pick up and HDHomeRun product with some tuners so you can get your shows over to ther Servio. You can start as basic as the HDHomeRun Connect Duo (two tuners means you can record two shows at a time), or find one that better fits your needs .

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