How many simultaneous screens can Hulu have?

Best answer: Hulu only allows for one simultaneous screen for its basic on-demand service. Hulu with Live TV allows up to two simultaneous screens, but you can upgrade that with an Unlimited Screens add-on at home. Also, using your Hulu with Live TV login on TV channel apps and websites gives you more ways to watch.

Hulu is an incredibly popular option for Cord Cutters, with upward of 35 million subscribers, and with good reason. Hulu can fill different needs for different users by offering both an on-demand service for popular TV shows and movies as well as a Live TV service. The Hulu app is available to install on almost every streaming box, smart TV, and mobile platform, so users can access their Hulu content almost anywhere.

Subscribers of streaming video services are used to this type of freedom, but we know it comes with a few trade-offs. The most common restriction of any streaming video service is the number of screens, or streams, that you can use to watch shows or movies at the same time. Hulu, unfortunately, has some of those same restrictions.

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Hulu on-demand allows one simultaneous screen, or stream, per account. Your Hulu account can be logged in on as many devices as you want, but only one device can be used for Hulu On-Demand at a time.

Hulu with Live TV, on the other hand, allows two simultaneous screens, or streams, per account. Like the on-demand service, you can be logging in on all of your devices. This limit only applies to how many screens can be used at any one time.

If you need the option for more screens, Hulu can hook you up, but it'll cost you. Hulu with Live TV offers an upgrade to unlimited screens for $15 per month. In tech terms, unlimited is a word with many meanings. In this case, unlimited screens on Hulu with Live TV gets you as many simultaneous screens as you want in your home, and up to three mobile screens away from home.

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Hulu with Live TV subscribers can also use their login and password on certain channel apps and websites. This is usually known as TV Everywhere. Hulu with Live TV supports over 45 channels apps so long as the channel is a part of your package.

Once you select Hulu with Live TV as your provider on the app or website, and enter your login and password, you can access the streaming content of the app. This works without counting as a stream towards your two screen limit.

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