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How to watch the UKLC 2021 Grand Final online anywhere in the world

The UK League Championship (UKLC) Grand Final takes place on March 1. (Image credit:

The UKLC is one of the top-tier League of Legends esports tournaments, and the Grand Final will be upon us now.

It sees eight of the best British League of Legends players face-off in a seven week-long round-robin league where every team plays one another twice, with the top four teams progressing to the play-offs to find the best of the best for the UKLC grand final.

Resolve look like strong contenders for the championship. They had a clean sweep in the regular season, finishing off Demise for their 14th consecutive win. They'll tangle with London Esports, the second-place team who beat Enclave Academy for their place in the grand final over the weekend. 

Here’s how to watch the UKLC 2021 Grand Final on March 1 wherever you are in the world. 

How to watch the UKLC 2021 Grand Final in the UK 

The BBC have been slowly incorporating esports into their regular sports coverage, and have shown some League of Legends content for a couple of years now.

This year, the BBC committed to showing all 16 matchdays on BBC iPlayer, including the Grand Final. Footage from the game will be streamed on BBC iPlayer, with English language coverage provided by League of Legends commentators from the UKLC.

The match is on Monday, March 1.

How to watch the UKLC 2021 Grand Final anywhere in the world 

Like other esports events, the UKLC 2021 Grand Final will be live-streamed online at, the most popular video game streaming site. As long as you have an internet connection and the ability to get onto the Twitch channel hosting UKLC coverage, you’ll be able to catch the game.

This is the same live feed that is hosted on BBC iPlayer, so UK viewers can also catch the grand final direct at Twitch, too. Here, viewers can join the live chat and get involved with everyone else watching from the League of Legends community.

All previous matchdays are recorded live and made available to watch on Twitch on demand, too.

What is the UKLC? 

The UK League Championship (UKLC) is one of many esports tournaments for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game League of Legends. It is the top tournament of its kind for UK League of Legends players.

BBC Sport says the UKLC is “the pinnacle of the UK League of Legends competitions and showcases and nurtures the top UK teams and esports talent".

The top two teams from the UKLC 2021 will progress into future competitions, potentially being promoted into competing in the Northern League of Legends Championships (the NLC).

The NLC is an international tournament that includes the best teams from national competitions held in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

How much is the UKLC 2021 Grand Final Prize Pool?

The prize pool for the UKLC Grand Final this year is £5,000. 

Which teams are competing in the UKLC 2021?

The eight teams competing this year are: Resolve, London Esports, Barrage Academy, Enclave, MnM Academy, Bulldog Esports, NVision and Demise.