What speed do you need for Hulu?

Hulu required speeds

Best answer: Hulu needs a bare minimum of 1.5 Mbps for standard-definition content, and at least 6 Mbps for 1080p shows.

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Streaming Hulu needs good, consistent data

The thing about streaming video is that you can never have enough bandwidth. Your home internet can never be too fast, or too consistent. More is always better. That's true for every video service, and it's true for Hulu and Hulu with Live TV.

So when you think about what sort of internet speed you need for Hulu, think about things in terms of minimums, not maximums. Here's the breakdown (in megabits per second) for what you'll need for the best experience with Hulu:

  • Standard-definition video: 1.5 Mbps
  • High-definition 720p video: 3 Mbps
  • High-definition 1080p video: 6 Mbps
  • Hulu with Live TV: 8 Mbps

The good news is that the Hulu app (on whatever device you're using) can automatically adjust so that you get the best experience possible. So you don't have to do anything. But do keep in mind that these numbers represent the minimum speed you need. Even then, you might still experience hiccups Hulu isn't the only thing pulling data in your home.