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5 to 7 | Puppyish Anton Yelchin & worldly Bérénice Marlohe enjoy a discreet liaison in New York

5 to 7 Anton Yelchin Bérénice Marlohe
(Image credit: SIGNATURE)

Anton Yelchin is a young New Yorker enjoying a sentimental education at the hands of sophisticated older woman Bérénice Marlohe in romantic comedy 5 to 7.

5 to 7 Anton Yelchin Bérénice Marlohe

Appealingly puppyish on screen, Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin, who died tragically young last year, is a perfect fit for 5 to 7, a likeable romantic comedy in which his callow young New Yorker enjoys a sentimental education at the hands of a sophisticated older woman.

Played by Skyfall femme fatale Bérénice Marlohe, she is the wife of a French diplomat (Lambert Wilson) and her liaisons with Yelchin’s aspiring writer can only take place between the hours of five and seven (hence the title).

Marlohe’s glamorous charm rubs off on the movie, giving it a suavity that owes more to French cinema than Hollywood. Glenn Close and Frank Langella offer engaging support as the hero’s mum and dad, while Olivia Thirlby plays his more worldly-wise confidante.

Certificate 12. Runtime 93 mins. Director Victor Levin

5 to 7 debuts today on Sky Cinema Premiere at 11.20am and is available on DVD from Signature Entertainment.