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Abattoir | A haunted house horror movie with a difference

Abattoir Darren Lynn Bousman
(Image credit: © 2016 Universal Studios. All R)

He's been expecting you.

Based on a series of comics by director Darren Lynn Bousman, supernatural horror thriller Abattoir finds Jessica Lowndes' plucky real estate reporter trying to track down the mysterious individual who is buying houses where killings took place and ripping out the murder rooms. What is he doing with his grisly collection?

As you might expect, the answer is diabolical. Unfortunately, the story is too drawn out to keep us fully gripped and real scares are few and far between. The creepy Gothic design of the strange town that holds the film’s secrets is quite arresting, but it is the snappy screwball repartee between Lowndes’ old-school heroine and her hard-boiled detective boyfriend (Joe Anderson) that is possibly the movie’s oddest feature.

Look out too, though, for the distinctively creepy features of veteran scream queen Lin Shaye, star of the Insidious films and the woman dubbed the 'Godmother of Horror' in 2015.

Certificate 18. Runtime 96 mins. Director Darren Lynn Bousman

Abattoir debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Thursday 10 August. Available on Blu-ray & DVD from Universal Pictures.