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Aloys | A glum private investigator tries to escape his lonely existence

Aloys Georg Friedrich
(Image credit: Hugofilm)

Aloys Georg Friedrich

Surreal Swiss drama.

The decidedly glum hero of the surreal Swiss film Aloys is a lonely private investigator (Georg Friedrich) who finds his drab, antisocial existence unexpectedly shaken up by a series of calls from a mystery woman. She invites him to go ‘phone-walking’, a bizarre form of telepathy that sees him joining her on imaginary trips. Don’t let the bizarre premise or sour protagonist put you off. First-time writer-director Tobias Nölle’s strikingly filmed psychological drama is oddly comic and quietly touching.

Certificate 12. Runtime 91 mins. Director Tobias Nölle

Aloys debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 17 January. Available on Dual Format & Digital from Eureka Entertainment.