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Death Line (1972) | Mind the doors! - The cult Brit horror makes it UK Blu-ray debut

Death Line (1972)

Network presents the UK Blu-ray debut of Death Line starring Donald Pleasence featuring a brand-new HD remaster

When a philandering politician (Fawlty Towers' James Cossins) goes missing on the London Underground, two university students turned amateur sleuths (Patricia Gurney and David Ladd) and a subsequent police investigation uncover a terrifying secret kept hidden since the 1800s. Who – or what – is turning the Underground tunnels into a Death Line..?

Death Line (1972)

Directed by US filmmaker Gary Sherman, this notorious British horror (which was called Raw Meat in the US) features stylishly grim imagery from Oscar-nominated cinematographer Alex Thomson, a rumbustuously sleazy soundtrack from Wil Mallone and Jeremy Rose, and a memorable performance from Donald Pleasence as the idiosyncratic police inspector hot on the trail of the subterranean killer (Hugh Armstrong). Watch out for Carry On star Norman Rossington and Keeping Up Appearances' Clive Swift as detectives and Christopher Lee as a suited and booted MI5 handler.

Previously available only on DVD in the UK, Death Line has been newly scanned to 2K resolution from the original 35mm camera negative for this exclusive UK Blu-ray release, which include the following special features an interview with actor Hugh Armstrong, theatrical trailer, gallery and a collector's booklet