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The Lazarus Effect | Things go to hell when scientists Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde start playing God

The Lazarus Effect Sarah Bolger
(Image credit: Daniel McFadden)

The Lazarus Effect Sarah Bolger

"Evil will rise"

It is never a good move in films when scientists start playing God. Sure enough, things go very bad in this slice of sci-fi horror, The Lazarus Effect, after researchers Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde successfully bring a recently deceased dog back from the dead using their new ‘Lazarus serum’. In short order, tragedy strikes, the serum gets tested on a human subject and all hell breaks out. Literally so, given the supernatural turn the story takes. Along the way, there are a few good jolts and scares, but the modest budget and thin script finally drain the life out of the movie.

Certificate 15. Runtime 80 mins. Director David Gelb

The Lazarus Effect debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 19 March and is available on DVD & Download from LionsGate Home Entertainment.