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Willie Dynamite (1974) | The blaxploitation gangster classic hustles again in HD

Willie Dynamite

Willie Dynamite may not be as well known as John Shaft or Super Fly’s Youngblood Priest, but he certainly deserves to be. And now you have a chance to catch the 1970s crime drama classic in HD with Arrow’s dual format release out now.

Willie Dynamite

'The hands-down winner of the all-out best blaxploitation movie of the Seventies' declares author and artist Darius James in That’s Blaxploitation!

Who is Willie Dynamite? He’s the flashiest pimp in New York – he drives a personalised purple-and-gold Cadillac and wears some of the most eye-catching outfits ever seen on a cinema screen. He wants to be number one, but with the police, the DA, fellow pimps and a tough-talking social worker on his tail, can a man as arrogant and amoral as Willie D avoid a downfall?

Willie Dynamite

Willie Dynamite competes with the best of blaxploitation on all levels. Roscoe Orman (best known as Gordon in TV’s long-running Sesame Street) dominates with his central performance – a star turn that’s the equal of Richard Roundtree in Shaft or Pam Grier in Coffy. Multi-award-winning director Gilbert Moses balances action and social commentary as deftly as Gordon Parks, Jr did with Super Fly. And the score by JJ Johnson (Starsky & Hutch) featuring Motown legend Martha Reeves is as catchy as anything composed by Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield or James Brown.

SPECIAL EDITION CONTENTS • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation of the feature, transferred from original film elements by MGM • Original 1.0 mono audio (uncompressed on the Blu-ray) • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing • Kiss My Baad Asss, an arhive guide to blaxploitation hosted by actor and musician Ice-T, and featuring interviews with Richard Roundtree, Melvin van Peebles, Isaac Hayes and others • Theatrical trailer • Artwork by Sean Phillips • Booklet containing new writing on the film by Cullen Gallagher (first pressing only).