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Will Kylie Minogue be making a Neighbours return? She reveals all…

Will Kylie Minogue be making a Neighbours return? She reveals all…
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Fans have been hoping for a Charlene Robinson and Plain Jane Superbrain reunion

It was recently announced that one of Neighbours' most loved characters, "Plain Jane Superbrain" Harris is making a return to the Aussie soap next month - could Kylie Minogue also be returning?

Back in the 80s, we watched Jane (played by Annie Jones, who's spoken to us about her return) transform from a painfully awkward brain-box to super-glamourous model, with a little help from her BFF Charlene Robinson (played by Kylie Minogue).

Together they went about breaking hearts and kissing boys.

But while we're utterly stoked about Annie's return, it seems fans of the show shouldn't hold their breath for Jane to be reunited with her long-lost friend Charlene.

Speaking about whether or not she would ever return to the soap, singer Kylie, 48, said: "Never say never about anything, but I just think it would be a let-down," she told The Sun. "I think Charlene lives in that time and lives in people's memories.

"I mean, it hasn't stopped me being incredibly excited that Plain Jane Super Brain is about to make a return to Neighbours.

"Anything could happen — but no, it's not happening at this point."


As for Annie's return to Ramsey Street, the Spinning Around singer - who left the show nearly 30 years ago - said: "This is the best thing I've heard in ages.".

According to reports Jane is set to return to Erinsborough to deal with some "unfinished business" as she attempts to "rectify her past".

On her return to the soap, Annie said: "I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to return to Neighbours".

"As an actor, the best thing you can be is a working actor. I've done a lot of guest roles but usually very short-lived, so this has been lovely to come back for an extended period and really get my teeth into a part."

We can't wait!

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