Mount Pleasant's Jo Joyner: 'Jane has come to claim Fergus!'

Former EastEnders star Jo Joyner joins the Sky1 drama in the second episode of the new series and has vowed to stir things up!

Jo Joyner is set to ruffle a few feathers when she turns up in Mount Pleasant this week.

The former EastEnders star plays Jane, ex-wife of Fergus (Neil Fitzmaurice), who probably won't be pleased to see her move into the close...

"Jane is a part of Fergus' past," said Jo. "I'm not sure if she's come to haunt him, but she may have come to claim him!"

Jo was delighted to join up with her pal Sally Lindsay for the new series and her family watched every series of the show after hearing she was joining the cast.

"My best mate and my mum and dad had never watched Mount Pleasant before," explains Jo. "But when they heard I was going to be in it they watched it back to back and loved it!"

Jo Joyner appears in the second episode of the new series of Mount Pleasant on Sky1 on Tuesday 6 September.


Sean Marland
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