5ive reveal drunken brawls that led to split

5ive reveal drunken brawls that led to split
5ive reveal drunken brawls that led to split (Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima)

5ive have revealed they used to beat each other up in violent drunken brawls, which led to their break-up. The 90s boyband - Ritchie Neville, Abz Love, Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon - have reunited, without bandmate J Brown, and told The Sun (opens in new tab) they once attacked one another with baseball bats and took mentor Simon Cowell's car for a joyride. Scott said: "We had some dark times when we really hated each other. We fought a lot and Sean even threw me down the stairs once. An argument got out of control and he shoved me. I ended up with a busted lip. "We went on some pretty wild benders, but the fights weren't all booze-fuelled. We were exhausted and had had enough of each other. "Another time me, Abz and Ritchie left Sean and J in Taiwan. We had a fight - which involved baseball bats - and we stole our passports from our manager's room and left. By the time they woke up, we were back in the UK." He added: "Simon Cowell once asked me to park his Aston Martin in London and I took it for a joyride - I nearly took off in it over Putney Bridge. We thought back then we could do whatever we wanted." Now the lads are getting back together for ITV2's The Big Reunion, although J has chosen to stay out of the spotlight. And looking back they regret some of the things they did. Sean said: "I would like to apologise to Simon [Cowell] for some of our behaviour. We were rebellious and if we didn't like what we were being told, we made a fuss. "He and I had a big fall-out after I ignored him at an interview and I crossed the line."

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