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Louis Walsh reveals who he WANTS to win The X Factor: Celebrity!

X Factor Celeb Louis Walsh
(Image credit: ITV)

It's the final of The X Factor: Celebrity on Saturday night, and judge Louis Walsh can't wait to see who's going to clinch that all-important record deal…

Ahead of The X Factor - Celebrity final, judge Louis Walsh reveals which celebs he thinks can achieve singing stardom...

How has The X Factor: Celebrity felt like a different show to the regular X Factor – aside from having celebrities, of course!?

Louis Walsh: "It really has been much more fun because you don’t expect to have The Vixen from The Chase, Vinnie Jones or Martin Bashir, for example, enter a singing competition that IS all about the singing. These celebs are really putting their necks on the block. It’s not an easy thing to go out there and sing and be judged by the public and by the judges."

Jenny Ryan X Factor Celebrity

The Chase's Jenny Ryan - aka The Vixen - has proved so popular with audiences, she's made it through to the final...

How much are you looking forward to Saturday night’s final? Any surprises we can expect?

LW: "The final will be brilliant fun. I'm thrilled to have Megan McKenna there. I think this is the start of a whole new career for her. She’s really dedicated and I love that she cares so much. The surprise about this show is that all the celebrities can sing and they are really taking it seriously."

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X Factor Celebrity Megan McKenna

Louis is delighted that Megan McKenna is still in the running. Has she got The X Factor?

Looking back on the series, which celebrities have you enjoyed watching each week?

LW: "I’m delighted to have had Megan in my category, she has the potential to be a real artist. She’s a great songwriter and she’s really into her craft and the music. Kevin McHale was so good and so professional; he never let me down. And girl group V5 are great – they’re going to have an amazing career."

Which acts do you think have really 'made' the competition? Who couldn’t you have imagined the show without?

LW: "Vinnie Jones was so different, he is someone you want to see. Is he going to have a big career in music? Probably not. But he brought something different to the show."

X Factor Celebrity Vinnie Jones

Vinnie gave everything to the competition but, unfortunately, was eliminated ahead of this Saturday's final...

How has being a judge on this series compared to previous series?

LW: "This panel of myself, Simon and Nicole is great, I love it. We all know each other very well, we all have opinions, we all know who we like and who we’re looking for. It just really works. I would’ve loved Sharon Osbourne to have come back, too. That would’ve been the icing on the cake!"

There’s a recording contract up for grabs for the winner. Who do you think really has what it takes to make it as a recording artist?

LW: "I think Megan, V5 and the twins, Max and Harvey, are the ones who are going to have a music career after this show. I think No Love Lost will still do really well as well. I’ve loved this show. I’d love to see it come back next year!"

The X Factor: Celebrity final can be seen on Saturday November 30 at 7.10 on ITV.