90 Day Fiance’s Shaeeda feels deceived by Bilal

Shaeeda walking through Bilal's family home on 90 Day Fiance season 9
Shaeeda walking through Bilal's family home on 90 Day Fiance season 9 (Image credit: TLC)

Once again, 90 Day Fiance season 9 is proving why the franchise has become an addictive staple for so many fans. In an episode where viewers got to meet the very serene Yve, were exposed to Jibri's unique pink flamingo suit with the accompanying hole in the crotch and were left feeling bad for Guillermo after that uncomfortable lunch, there was a lot to focus on during Sunday night’s episode. However, like in the premiere episode of the season, our attention was again drawn to Bilal and Shaeeda. 

In episode 1, Bilal’s prank on Shaeeda was in full effect and we were left questioning whether he was being smart or deceptive for hiding the truth about his finances. Furthermore, we weren’t sure how the woman from Trinidad and Tobago would take her fiance’s joke. Well, it’s official, Bilal hiding his money is unnecessarily deceptive as Shaeeda was clearly not laughing. 

When Bilal meets Shaeeda in the airport, she is all smiles and excited to see him. He then leads her to the white work van and the smile immediately slides off her face. She’s thrown off by the vehicle and not happy he put her luggage on what she deemed trash in the back. After some banter between the two, in which she tried to be polite about her dissatisfaction with his ride, they eventually arrive at Bilal’s family home, where things go from awkward to downright uncomfortable. 

Shaeeda and Bilal on 90 Day Fiance

Shaeeda and Bilal on 90 Day Fiance (Image credit: TLC)

Walking into the house, Shaeeda makes the comment, "Aw babe, a home from the 1900s." As she looks up at the ceiling to see several holes and takes in the old decor of the home, it becomes very clear that she’s not impressed at all. Bilal isn’t happy about her attitude either, trying to paint this picture that she’s not being grateful for the possessions they do have. He even makes it seem as if there was a chance Shaeeda was with him in part because she thought he had a lot of money. But then, Shaeeda makes it clear what her issue is and why this prank should have never happened. 

Shaeeda mentions that when she met Bilal, he was "put together." He was draped in expensive watches and belts and was carrying Louis Vuitton luggage. Now in the states, he’s living in a home she calls "dilapidated." Whether or not he has costly material possessions is not her problem. Shaeeda feels he was trying to portray this image of wealth to her initially, but in her mind, he should have been trying to improve his living conditions. It boils down to her questioning his money management and what he prioritizes financially. That’s a very valid concern that appears to be lost on Bilal for now. 

So, was this a poorly designed prank? Yes. Was it deceptive? Yes, and it's backfiring as Shaeeda is starting to believe other nefarious things are going on. Hard to blame her for her reaction. 

At this point, we’re a bit nervous that once Bilal reveals the truth their relationship will be in big trouble. After all, the two already went through the Islamic tradition of The Nikah ceremony, which means the two are already married in the eyes of God. She may wonder why her husband in faith, though not by law, decided to go through with this plan in the first place. 

90 Day Fiance fans react to Bilal's prank

Fans across Twitter are not backing Bilal's prank and are taking Shaeeda's side. We can't say that we blame them. 

New episodes of 90 Day Fiance season 9 air Sundays on TLC at 8 pm ET/PT. Find out more about the 90 Day universe right here. 

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