A new chapter in the 'Adventure Time Distant Lands' saga is coming to HBO Max

Adventure Time Distant Lands Obsidian
(Image credit: Cartoon Network/HBO Max)

Adventure Time has always been one of those series' with a super passionate fanbase. It's always been the exact right combination of ratings success, critical acclaim, and fan joy. We've seen the series win several handfuls worth of awards, act as a launching point for many of the original animators' careers, and result in spin off comics, video games, and even a random appearance in Futurama

What we're saying here is that there's a passion that comes along with Adventure Time, which likely explains why the series will be getting a new special on HBO Max "soon." 

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So far as "soon" goes, the best we have right now is that it should be later this year. We know that the special will be an hour long, keeping on track with the rest of the Distant Land entries, and that it's two in a series of four total "episodes" in the saga. 

Here's a quick snippet from IGN's exclusive cover reveal: Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Obsidian will see Princess Bubblegum and Marceline head out on a mission to the Glass Kingdom to prevent a catastrophe. There they’ll meet Glassboy, who will be voiced by Michaela Dietz (perhaps best known as Steven Universe’s Amethyst).

Glassboy will be a new character in the universe. Like the rest of the special, not a whole lot is known so far. He's a young bookworm who gets made fun of a lot, and was described during the panel as a "more energetic" Finn. 

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