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Andy sinks to a new low in Corrie… and Steph gets blamed!

Desperate Andy turns to crime in a bid to cover up his attack on Phelan.

Having taken his brutal revenge on Pat Phelan for being responsible for the death of 'surrogate dad' Michael Rodwell, Andy Carver is terrified his crime will be discovered… so he comes up with a plan.

Unfortunately, Andy needs money to see his plan through, and that means he has to resort to another crime to pay for it. Worse still, he doesn't think things through very carefully and drops his girlfriend, Steph Britton, in serious trouble of her own.

Will Andy get away with his latest crime, and will Steph pay the price for his actions? Or will Steph discover the truth and make things even worse for Andy?

This week, Andy comes up with a desperate plan to cover his tracks following his attack on Phelan… But will it backfire on him and land girlfriend Steph in big trouble?

Andy needs money to make his plan work and he lets himself into the Bistro, knowing Steph has accidentally ordered too many tablet computers for the restaurant…

Andy hates himself as he checks the tablets in the darkness of the restaurant.

Andy carefully checks no one is around before he makes off with his haul.

After discovering the theft, Robert reports it to the police and an officer calls round…

With there being no sign of a break-in, Robert confronts Steph…

Andy feels guilt-ridden as Robert accuses Steph of failing to lock up the restaurant before he suspends her from work.

Steph's deeply upset Robert thinks she's to blame for the burglary and can't be trusted. Will the truth come out? Watch Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, 19 December.