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'Angela Black' fans are ALL baffled by the SAME thing after THAT final piano scene

Angela Black playing the piano in episode 6
The final episode of 'Angela Black' has left fans with many unanswered questions. (Image credit: ITV)

Angela Black came to a gripping end on ITV last night after six weeks of keeping us on the edge of our seats. But, it seems many fans have still got unanswered questions, especially about the final scene of the season. 

*Warning - spoilers ahead for all episodes of Angela Black, including the last episode of the season.*

ITV's Sunday night psychological thriller came to a close last night with the heroine of the story getting the ultimate revenge on those who had wronged her. 

Finally, after six episodes of Angela being the victim in an abusive marriage, the tables eventually turned and Angela fought to get her husband, Olivier, behind bars where he belonged. 

But while fans were thrilled to see justice served and Olivier getting his comeuppance at last, there were a few things that left them baffled. 

Angela Black - Angela and Olivier fight in episode 6

Angela made sure that Olivier's true colours were finally exposed.  (Image credit: ITV)

Not only were viewers left wondering what really happened to Olivier's former colleague Yuki, who Ed claimed Olivier had murdered, but what happened to the owner of the caravan park after he lied to protect Angela? And why on earth would Olivier and Theo both agree to break the law and help one another out after only just meeting by chance on a train?

But it isn't just train meetings and missing colleagues that got fans talking last night... they are also all wondering the same thing about the final scene of the season that saw Angela sit down at a piano in the middle of a street and appear to start playing in front of her kids.

Angela Black episode 6

Angela turned the tables on Olivier and played him at his own game.  (Image credit: ITV)

Some fans were completely baffled by the piano scene, while others were wondering if Angela could still play after so many years away from the instrument...

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Eagle-eyed viewers will remember that Angela was seen playing the piano in episode four at a hotel when her estranged mother came to visit her and tell her that she was dying. 

Already we could see that Olivier was controlling Angela, not only by screening her mother's calls, but she later gave up her job as a piano player at the hotel on his orders. 

Since then we were left to believe that Angela hadn't played the piano, due to Olivier's coercive control. Both her sons also mentioned in the final scene that they didn't know she could play the piano, again suggesting she hadn't played since they were born. 

Angela Black - Theo and Olivier meet on a trail in episode 6

Theo and Olivier joined forces after a chance meeting on a train. (Image credit: ITV)

So, it seems that Angela sitting at the piano at the end of the season could have signified the freedom that she had found having got Olivier put behind bars, allowing her to return to the person that she was before his abuse started.

While we were left guessing whether or not she can still play the piano after the scene cut before she started properly playing, some fans are wondering if this could hint at a second season.

With Olivier behind bars, it remains to be seen how long he will go to prison for. With plenty of money to throw at an expensive lawyer, could he be out sooner rather than later, leading to another series of the drama?

All episodes of Angela Black are now available to stream on ITV Hub.