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'Angela Black' fans are convinced they have already worked out what Edgewater is

Angela Black episode two
'Angela Black' fans think they have worked out a big twist. (Image credit: ITV)

Angela Black fans were on the edge of their seats again last night as ITV aired the second episode of the psychological thriller. 

After being left with a million questions after the first episode, fans had a theory that perhaps private investigator Ed might not actually be real, but in fact a figment of Angela's imagination. 

But, while that theory still remains to be confirmed, fans have come up with other theories, this time about the mysterious 'Edgewater' that was mentioned in episode one by Ed. 

While trying to convince Angela that her husband, Olivier, had asked him to follow her, Ed told Angela that he knew everything about her, even about Edgewater. 

Angela Black episode two

Angela's life has been turned upside down by the arrival of PI Ed.  (Image credit: ITV)

Since then, fans have been trying to work out what that could mean... and what significance Edgewater could have to Angela's past.

Last night's episode saw Edgewater being mentioned again... this time hinting that whatever happened in Angela's past is something that she wants to keep hidden and that it is something very bad, indeed.

After discovering a letter from Olivier's missing colleague, Yuki, who Ed insists Olivier had an affair with before killing her and burying the body in the woods, Angela called Ed and the subject of Edgewater came up once again.

Now seemingly having proof that Olivier killed Yuki, Angela begged Ed to go with her to the police, but Ed was adamant that the police wouldn't be able to help her...

"If I know everything about you, then the police know everything about you. Even about Edgewater," he told her.

Only for Angela to reply: "Then I need to run".

Angela Black episode two

Ed warned Angela that the police wouldn't help her because of what happened at Edgewater... but why?  (Image credit: ITV)

But what is Angela running from?

Fans think they have got it all worked out, with theories ranging from Edgewater being a psychiatric hospital that Angela was once in, to her being the one who actually killed the mysterious Yuki at Edgewater...

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With only four more episodes of Angela Black to go, it won't be long before we start getting some answers to all our questions... what massive secret is Olivier keeping? Is Angela as squeaky clean as she makes out? Is Ed real, and if so, why can no one else apart from Angela appear to see him? And most pressing of all... what on earth is Edgewater?! 

Angela Black returns to ITV on Sunday evening at 9pm.