Annie exits MasterChef 2016 as the five finalists are decided

Annie McKenzie is the latest contestant to exit MasterChef on the last episode of the semi-finals.

Aww, I really thought Annie would make the final #Masterchef

— Chris Whitworth (@cawhitworth) April 29, 2016


Nooooooo not Annie! #MasterChef

— Gary McCombe (@GaryMcC) April 29, 2016


Shocked to my very core #Masterchef #BringBackAnnie

— Daisy Ward (@DaisyFWard) April 29, 2016


Sadly her pigeon starter failed to impress the judges, who sent her packing.

The way John said at the end of this, one of you will be leaving!

May as well of said at the end of this we will Kill you #MasterChef

— Kathryn (@KathrynAnne88) April 29, 2016


And then there were five – one of whom will be crowned MasterChef champion 2016 at the end of next week.

Say hello to your #MasterChefUK 2016 finalists!

— MasterChef UK (@MasterChefUK) April 29, 2016


While people were understandably upset and it was not just the loss of Annie they were mourning. Some viewers seemed to think the competition has started to lose touch with reality, fondly mocking the show as it reached unprecedented levels of posh.

Times I hear the words 'tarte tatin' for 11 months of the year: 3

Times I hear it during Masterchef: 722,361.

— Matt Odell (@TheMattOdell) April 29, 2016


Some bones of contention were…

The unusual ingredients:

When are they going to ban celeriac from #MasterChef #yawn

— Becky Chelin (@bec_chelin) April 29, 2016


From where can a normal person buy salsify anyway? #MasterChef

— simon gray (@simonjgray) April 29, 2016


Oh & then you have this jus…..can't they just call it a sauce? #MasterChef So poncey.

— Helen Donovan (@msambergambler) April 29, 2016


Pretentious descriptions:

Comfit eggs? Go home, Masterchef. You're drunk.

— Annie (@HairyMcFairy) April 29, 2016


Which of us HASN'T put a piece of poultry into half-mourning? #Masterchef

— Bertie Fox (@BertieFox) April 29, 2016


Stuart's done scallops, but his peas are not minted or pureed. It's like he's never actually watched #MasterChef

— Ally H-L (@allyhl) April 29, 2016


…and convoluted methodology:

What does 'deconstruct a coriander cheesecake' even mean?!

If one of these contestants makes a velouté out of confit egg yolks, we'll have reached terminal masterchef velocity #masterchef

— Joe (@joejoejoeyjoejr) April 29, 2016


Others, however, seized upon the aristocratic affectations as an opportunity for socialising.

#MasterChef drinking game – have a shot everytime they mention a dish you've never heard of and have no intention of ever eating! Drunk by 9

— Meriel (@MerielMyers) April 29, 2016


At least it meant Stuart’s moustache was given a night off.


Oh, wait ….

I don't want a chef, master or otherwise, with a moustache constantly threatening to moult into my damn food. #MasterChef

— Jason Bournemouth (@EczemaBoy) April 29, 2016


Look, I think we need to accept that waxing your moustache, unless you're a villain in a Victorian melodrama, is a step too far #masterchef

— The Malcontent (@MalcontentSays) April 27, 2016


For Cod's sake Stuart unwax that moustache. You're not a strongman in an Victorian circus show. #Masterchef

— Spaceman Spiff (@Baznut) April 27, 2016


Spoke too soon. Sorry Stu!

Join us on Monday at 8.30pm for the first night of finals week. Who do you want to be crowned MasterChef champion 2016?

— MasterChef UK (@MasterChefUK) April 29, 2016


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