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Award-winning sitcom Him and Her may return

Him and Her's creator Stefan Golaszewski has said it is possible the sitcom could make a return in the future.

The comedy, which stars Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani and finished its fourth run in December, won the Situational Comedy category at the TV BAFTAs on Sunday.

It took a new direction for the final series, with each episode a real-time visit to the wedding of Becky's sister Laura rather than being set in Becky and Steve's flat.

Stefan told Digital Spy of the series coming to an end: "I didn't want it to ever go stale or predictable like sitcoms can if you hang on a bit too long.

"It was just that I didn't want the quality to go down and I didn't want to stop loving what I was doing."

Last year Russell, who said he'd like the chance to revisit his character, explained: "Stefan has taken all the characters on as far a journey as he thinks he can take them, so we've done that journey with him.

"But there might be a revisit in a year's time - a special or something - because there's so much potential still to be mined."


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