Benidorm star Danny Walters: 'Tiger has grown up and matured this series!'

What's On TV spoke to Danny Walters on the Spanish set of Benidorm last summer. Here he reveals much more about teen tearway Tiger Dyke, including the 'sassy' fancy dress outfit you'll see him wearing in this Friday's episode (January 9, 9pm ITV), all about his relationship with his Aunt Terri who arrives at the Solana soon, plus his sadness at the Garveys leaving the show this week..

Tiger's a bit different in Benidorm this year isn't he?

"He's basically grown up a lot this year. Although he's still a bit of a cheeky boy and very mouthy, he's also grown up and matured. Tiger's taken a journey with this audience. It's like a coming of age. He goes through things others my age will go through. With Tiger, unfortunately there's no thought process before he speaks. If he doesn't like something he'll say it. He's still like that, but he's much more aware of things! But he does get into a lot of mischief this year but not so much with Michael Garvey."

The Garvey family are leaving Benidorm in this Friday's epsiode. Is Tiger sad to see Michael go?

"Tiger feels he's lost a friend but that's what makes him grow up and become more independent. For me, personally, it was sad to see Oliver Stokes, who plays Michael, leave the show because we got along in real life..."

This week's episode of Benidorm sees Tiger and his dad Clive in some hilarious fancy dress outfits. Do tell us more?

"Erm... there's an unexpected little dress up, a little number that Tiger wears which is very revealing, very naughty and sassy as well. That's all I can say. It's a great outfit and definitely out of Tiger's comfort zone - and also out of my comfort zone! I'm probably going to get the mickey taken by some people I know. It was such a great scene though. We had such a laugh."

What's the new Dyke family dynamic like? Tiger's aunt Terri, who we've only seen on the phone so far, arrives at the Solana soon. What's she really like?

"She's an absolute gem of a character and played by Charlotte Eaton. On screen and off screen she's lovely. Terri fits in to the family like a glove. There's bickering like in every family. Her brother Clive still gets aggressive and flips out quite easily, but it doesn't help his sister being there because they bicker and argue but only because they're so close. They love each other but do get on each other's nerves! They look alike as well - so she's very well cast!"

Does Terri try to mother Tiger at all?

"No not really. They're like best friends. Tiger's mum Tonya was more like a vulture type of character where as Terri and Tiger basically get on. It's a lovely relationship. There are times when Tiger opens up and tells her how he feels and Tiger doesn't really open up a lot, he never lets his emotions out. He usually keeps it all in but he can tell Terri things because he's close to her."

Are we going to see any romance this series for Tiger?

"Oh I can't say... Tiger's probably more interested conning people. He can't read people very well so he never really gets it right. When he gets approached by people he gets it wrong - that's what makes him human and makes the comedy."

Fans must recognise you when you're out and about much more this's that been?

"It's been definitely different. And I like it. It's such a great feeling to have people come up and praise you for what you're doing. It's been a bit wild, though. The first time I ever felt the fame I was in Nandos in Harlow, Essex. I was just chilling with my mates and this person kept looking over at me and I thought she was giving me evils. So I went up to her and said: 'Is there a problem? and she said: 'You're Tiger Dyke right?'. On the underground train people stare and whisper then start pointing at me and I think: 'I'm here, you can just say hello!' But it's nice to have that feeling. It comes with the job. I could have run across a beach naked last year and nobody would notice me. But now you have to watch where you go."

Is there anything about Tiger that reminds you of you?

"The way he treats his parents is how I used to treat my parents. It was like 'whatever mum, shut up mum.' I was so stroppy like him. I sort of used that experience. That's why Tiger's good because a lot of young people can relate to him. It's that sort of cockiness and stubbornness. You'd never want to be seen on holiday with your dad at that age and that's what you see from Tiger - he really tries to get away from him but he can't. He fails. Clive's his safety net. He uses him for money and advice."

Will Tiger sing at Neptune's nightclub?

"There could be a singing scene...there could be something. It would be an interesting sight. He'd bring something contemporary to it!"

Do you still have trouble with corpsing?

"Last year I was trying to be so professional and this year I'm still trying to do that. We're here to make a great show. But sometimes you can't help it because it's so funny. There are certain scenes that when you go, you go and you can't get it back. I kick and pinch myself because it's so unprofessional. Then the take comes and I crack up laughing again, I can't control it. It's when you know a certain line is coming up. I read the script and I try to get the laughs out of the way then but you end up laughing together when you do it with other people."

Benidorm is shown Fridays on ITV at 9pm.

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