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Benidorm star Danny Walters: 'Tiger's a right stroppy troublemaker!'

Teen tearaway Tiger Dyke is worse than ever in tonight's Benidorm (ITV, 9pm) when he and new pal Michael Garvey sell fake drugs to a stag party staying at the Solana.

"He's the type of kid I definitely wouldn't have messed with," explains Danny Walters, who plays Tiger and spoke to What's On TV on the Spanish set last year. "It's not that Tiger's a hard nut or nasty, but he loves causing trouble, and he leads Michael into loads of it. He'd rather get Michael into hot water and save himself though. He's a bit clever like that.

"I'm 20 and Tiger's supposed to be 16. I had to go back a few years to think how I was at his age, and I was stroppy, so that's how I've made him - a right stroppy teen"

Going out on the town in Benidorm during breaks in filming has of course been fun, but Danny admits he found it a pretty daunting place when he arrived there to film last year.

"When I first came to Benidorm it was very scary, and the first couple of weeks I didn't really like it. But now I love it. I'd come here next year or the year after just for a holiday because it's such fun. Every second of the day you're entertained. It's even entertaining walking along the beach seeing all the weird and wonderful characters."

Benidorm is Danny's first big television role and he loves Tiger being a part of the new Dyke family, including sister Bianca (Bel Powley), mum Tonya (Hannah Waddingham) and dad Clive (Perry Benson).

He's also thrilled to be acting alongside some of Britian's comedy greats. "I graduated last year from the London School of Musical Theatre, but I've always wanted to be on TV so when, after many auditions, I got the call saying I'd got the job, it was the best feeling of my life, as I've loved Benidorm from the very start. That day something changed for me. I went from being a young wannabe actor to being surrounded by amazing talents."