Beyond Paradise's huge time travel twist ending revealed

Kris Marshall as DI Humphrey Goodman in Beyond Paradise with a sea backdrop
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The Beyond Paradise makers have revealed a major way the show will differ from Death in Paradise.

The spin-off sees Kris Marshall return as DI Humphrey Goodman, the detective character he famously played in Death in Paradise.

But the makers have revealed that unlike Death in Paradise, Beyond Paradise won’t end with Humphrey gathering all the suspects together in true Agatha Christie style to crack the case.

Instead, Tony Jordan, the show's writer and executive producer, explains each episode will end with Humphrey going back in time to explain what really happened to the audience. 

"At the end of the crime story in Death in Paradise, the detective gathers all the suspects together and explains what happened and who the guilty party is in an Agatha Christie fashion,” says Tony 

"We knew we couldn’t do the same thing on Beyond Paradise. We had to find something as distinct, but different. We came up with the idea of Humphrey cracking the case and while explaining to the team and the audience, we lift him up from the station and take him back in time, replaying the crime exactly as it happened but this time with Humphrey in the scene as it’s taking place.”

Martha peering through a gap in Beyond Paradise

Martha is a big part of Beyond Paradise (Image credit: Red Planet Pictures)

Beyond Paradise sees Humphrey now living in Devon with Martha (Sally Bretton). And Tony explains that their relationship will be at the heart of the story.

"In Death in Paradise, the majority of the story content is about the case, we don’t really go into much personal detail. In Beyond Paradise it's completely different. Humphrey and Martha's relationship is a drama in its own right, we follow their journey throughout the duration of the six episodes. The crime story then fits in with that, but there is a huge personal story within the show.”

As to why Tony thought it would be good to revisit Humphrey, he says: "Humphrey is one of the most popular detectives we’ve had on the show, people loved him. There’s something about what Kris Marshall brings to the role. He's got a warmth and a presence on-screen. He left with the love of his life, Martha, to go back to the UK. The question was always hanging in the air: whatever happened to Humphrey and Martha?”

Beyond Paradise starts on BBC One on Friday, February 24 at 8 pm.

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