Brendan Sheerin: ‘There's a two-vote twist and a massive fall-out in Coach Trip!'

Coach Trip: Road to Zante
Brendan's sleeves are bulging with surprises for the Coach Trip contestants (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

Brendan Sheerin reveals he’s got vote twists in store for the Coach Trip contestants...

They were all best friends on Monday, but now it’s Friday – a lifetime on Coach Trip – and already cracks are beginning to show in the original-line up of contestants (opens in new tab). Will star Brendan Sheerin push them over the edge when he makes a few shock announcements?

Self-proclaimed ‘Posh and Becks from Dover’, Joely and Liam, only lasted three days before being booted off the bus. Last night best pals Mark and Charlotte were the next couple to be red carded out of the competition. Unfortunately, they were probably too nice to stand a chance among the more ambitious Coach Trip (opens in new tab) contestants.

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Are Grant and Tash playing a losing game? (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

Meanwhile, everyone is looking suspiciously at Grant and Tash, who are beginning to isolate themselves from the others with their unpredictable voting. Last series’ tactic of ‘sharing the yellow’ - where each couple agreed to take a yellow card so the original contestants could stay together for as long as possible – isn’t flying this time round.

So far in Coach Trip: Road to Zante the precedent seems to be every couple for themselves. But will anyone tell Grant and Tash?

What’s on TV (opens in new tab) quizzed presenter and star of Coach Trip, Brendan Sheerin (opens in new tab), about game playing and vote twists…

What vote twists can we expect in this year’s Coach Trip: Road to Zante? "There are several vote twists in Coach Trip this year. There’s a really good one that we’ve never done before – it’s a two-vote twist actually, and there’s massive fall-out!"

Why do some of the contestants not last very long? "Some kids come on and have no idea how to play the game. The group picks them off because they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They get lost in the game. And, at the end of the day, Coach Trip is always a game."

What do you say to contestants who say they hate voting? "When they say to me they hate voting for each other I always say the vote is the price you pay for sitting on that coach, getting three meals a day, doing all these amazing activities and seeing all these beautiful places."

Do you think having a younger age group than earlier Coach Trip series makes for a better show, because they’re less guarded in many ways? "That’s it exactly. The older ones could box a bit clever because they had maturity and experience of life behind them. Whereas with this lot it’s raw! But nothing’s really changed. They may be younger but they still have to network, do activities together, make friendships and, at the end of every day, they have to vote. The age group has changed but nothing’s changed with the format."

It’s only week one. Will voting tactics kick in as the series progresses? "At the start when they’re all new and on the same page you do see a lot of people in corners talking about the vote. There’s a lot more of it now. So, we’ve got to wait and see how things develop…"

In the past we’ve seen Originals thinking they’ve more right to be on the bus… "You always see some people get a bit cocky and sure of themselves. When they start to think they are Coach Trip, that’s when they’re in for a shock. It doesn’t work like that!"

Coach Trip takes back control with immunities and voting twists? "Exactly. Everybody who comes on thinks they can play the game. In the end the game plays them. Just wait till we get to Croatia! There’s a great twist coming up. It’s entirely new and never been done on Coach Trip before!"

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Brendan Sheerin continues to pull the strings on Coach Trip (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

Coach Trip is on every weekday at 7.30pm on E4

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