Casualty fans DIVIDED over THIS character's TOUGH decision

Stevie feels that Charlie doesn't have her back.
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Casualty fans are divided over Stevie's latest antics at Holby after a dramatic episode aired this weekend. 

In last night's episode of Casualty (which aired on Saturday 10th February 2024) we saw the #HistoryOfViolence storyline continue with Stevie at the centre of the plot.

Following a punch-up in the ED between a groom, Nikhil Kapoor, and his new wife’s family, Stevie comes under fire from the bride, Neha, who is furious her husband isn't being treated quickly enough. 

Stevie sends the couple away, but a previous scan then reveals that Nikhil's injuries are more serious than first anticipated, meaning Stevie could have made a fatal mistake. 

The official BBC Casualty page posted a still of Elinor Lawless as Stevie, alongside a quote from the show that read: "You totally blame me for this."

Some Casualty fans took to social media to share their approval of the episode. One fan replied to the post with, 'Another excellent episode of @BBCCasualty. 

'The quality has definitely gone up since the reduction in episodes per year. What an epic episode!!'

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While another showed their appreciation of Stevie's character in the episode, writing, 'Good #casualty episode tonight. I really feel for Stevie. She's clearly suffering. 

'She hasn't dealt with the trauma of being assaulted by that patient last year, and everything with Marcus one is noticing. @elinor_lawless is a brilliant actress.'

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While another wrote, 'Stevie is 100% in the right - his wife was being aggressive and rather than tell his wife to stop, the husband told her to turn the camera off. 

'You don’t have the right to treatment when you don’t try to stop your family abusing staff.'

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But not everybody agreed, with another fan writing, 'How about focusing on some other doctors? The Stevie show is really overdone now.'

While another said, criticising Stevie's behaviour, 'Sorry but no Stevie, ya don't get to talk to Charlie like that. He's got years of experience & if she'd listened to him before jumping the gun previously with Harry... 

'Also deep down she clearly does feel some guilt, she could of taken two secs to check the bloke out.'

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Will Stevie regret her decision? Turn in next week to find out more.

Casualty airs on BBC One — check out our guide to every episode for all the latest news and spoilers. 

Viewers can also now tune into Casualty at 6 am on BBC iPlayer.

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