Casualty star George Rainsford gives this vital update on show's future

Casualty medic Ethan looking perplexed
Secrets R Us. Are Ethan, Fenisha and Will sleepwalking into heartbreak? (Image credit: BBC)

Holby City maybe off air, but George says there's more episodes of Casualty to look forward to

Casualty star George Rainsford has assured fans that there's "more episodes in the bag" so the show can continue to air despite the lockdown.

Meanwhile... oh baby, there’s major conflict in Casualty!

Ethan Hardy knows paramedic Fenisha Khatri is pregnant after their one-night stand. Will Noble knows that Ethan may be the father of his girlfriend’s baby! Will and Fenisha have split up. Will isn’t speaking to either Ethan or Fenisha. And Fenisha decides she’s going to have a termination.

This emotional story jumps forward dramatically in this week's episode of Casualty, so What’s on TV called George, who plays Ethan Hardy, for the inside scoop on upcoming epsiodes.

Here Casualty star George, 37, tells us more…

Casualty films months in advance, so, in these current climes, there will hopefully be plenty more episodes to come…

GR: “Yes, we have more episodes in the bag, even though everything is shut down. I’ve had to do a bit of ADR [voice dubbing] from home but I didn’t put on Ethan’s scrubs. I actually do have some scrubs here because I once did a run as a doctor! And it’s been lovely to read that Casualty and Holby City have sent their medical equipment and personal protection equipment [PPE] to real hospitals."

Are you staying in contact with your co-stars?

GR: "Yes, we’re all in touch on a WhatsApp group. I’m intrigued to see how everyone looks because we’re used to having continuity haircuts every two weeks. I’m currently long-haired and eating a lot of biscuits!"

This week, Ethan’s a hub of controversy in Casualty. Can you explain what’s going on?

George Rainsford: “It’s typical Ethan! He had a one-night stand with Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima), and afterwards she turned up at the hospital as a paramedic. When Fenisha and his best friend Will Noble (Jack Nolan) started a happy relationship, Ethan decided not to tell Will about the one-night stand because, why rock the boat? Then last week, Fenisha found out she was pregnant, and the dates don’t match with Will, so Ethan could be the father!"

Are you enjoying this new dramatic storyline?

GR: “Yes, it’s really fun to play. I like Ethan best when he’s awkward and trying to be funny. So many dark things have happened over the years, so we’re trying to rebalance him and return to his geeky humour. Fenisha calls him ‘adorkable’! I love the moments where his jokes fall flat. Also, Will is an alpha male like Ethan’s brother Cal was. It’s going to get a bit tense with a bit of pushy-shovey!

Happier times with Cal holding a baby while Ethan looks on

Baby on board! Ethan with Cal in happier times, before Cal was murdered by Scott Ellison (Image credit: BBC PICTURES)

Can you give us any teasers about what will happen this week?

GR: “The big issue with the pregnancy is Ethan’s Huntington’s disease. It’s the elephant in the room. Nobody knows about it and Ethan knows he has to be upfront about it. But before he gets the chance, Fenisha tells him she’s going to have a termination. For Ethan, it’s a get-out-of-jail card because it’s a really big, scary subject for him.”

Before the storm... Fenisha and Will are the picture of young love - but not for long

Before the storm... Fenisha and Will were the picture of young love before Fenisha discovered her pregnancy (Image credit: BBC)

How does he feel when Fenisha reveals her termination plan?

GR: “It’s complicated. Ethan is someone who really wants to settle own and have a family. He’s already lost his birth mum, his adopted mum and his brother Cal, so there are a lot of people absent from his life. He’s thrown himself into work but really what he’s looking for is a long-term family. So there’s a sort of sadness but also the feeling that it could be for the greater good.”

Are there more surprises in store for Ethan?

GR: “There are going to be plenty of awkward moments… There are lots of people not telling everyone everything, and a lot of half-truths. It’s going to get a bit tense!”

Casualty continues this Saturday 02 May 2020 at 7.40pm.

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