Casualty star Genesis Lynea reveals why Archie has to confess and shuts down Archie/Will romance rumours

Genesis Lynea in character as strong moral Casualty character Dr Archie Hudson
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Genesis Lynea gives us the inside story on Archie, Vincent and Will

The medical staff in Casualty are currently suffering from a severe case of "barefaced liar-itis".

It’s possibly seasonal, and they probably caught it from those folks at Holby City, who are chronically afflicted with an inability to tell the truth!

The main sufferers at Holby ED are junior doctor Mason Reede, who’s covering up a catalogue of medical errors, senior doctor Ethan Hardy, who’s has manipulated a medical trial because he fancies someone, and consultant Archie Hudson who, blinded by a sense of right and wrong, vandalised patient Vincent Millbank’s car.

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Happily there is a simple cure. Prescription: Tell the truth and suffer the consequences. And Archie is the only ED medic brave enough to take her medicine. Whatever the side-effects…

When Vincent (Tim Woodward) is admitted to the ED in Casualty this week Archie realises her act of vengeance has left him terrified. Having a strong moral compass, she decides the time has come to confess and resign…

Here, Genesis Lynea, who plays Archie in Casualty, tells us more…

(We also get a few answers about romance with Will Noble too!)

Is Archie shocked when Vincent reappears in the ED this week?

Genesis Lynea: "She doesn’t expect Vincent to come back. This aftermath episode is probably bigger than the prequel [where she vandalised Vincent’s car]. There are repercussions to putting acid on his car…"

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Archie learns there have been unexpected consequences to her actions. Vincent’s now terrified. How does this affect her?

GL: "There’s a moment where Archie has a bit of a breakdown in the bathroom. She can’t believe how close she was to losing it, all due to a kneejerk decision. It’s nice to see there’s a more sensitive side to Archie. She’s not always the bulldozer!"

Archie on the steps outside the ED, looking worried after confessing to Vincent

Showdown! Archie decides to take responsibility for her actions in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Do you think she has an unfair reputation in some ways?

GL: "Someone came up to me in the street and said ‘you’re a very naughty girl!’ At first I thought she meant me, but she actually meant Archie! This was at the time Archie and Connie were on screen together. It can appear that Archie is always moody, but she isn’t. She’s just diligent in her work… and can’t stand slackers like Dr Will Noble!"

Why does Archie decide to confess?

GL: "She’s such a goodie two shoes she has to come clean! And I like that, because no one will ever expect it. It’s also nice to see the human side to Vincent. No one is two-dimensional, we’ve all got different things going on. Archie feels bad, that’s why she comes clean. Just because someone does something horrible to one person doesn’t mean that there’s no reason behind it or that you can’t forgive them… Archie’s actually very forgiving."

Romance has been speculated between Archie and Will. Could you see it happening?

Archie by Vincent's bedside with Will and Jade

Archie's act of arson involving Vincent's (pictured) car catches up on her. Can Will help? (Image credit: BBC)

GL: "I don’t know about that. I think people want it to happen because usually when you fancy someone you’ve had a bit of turbulence. But I just think it’s too platonic. Yes, they drive each other crazy, but not in a romantic way, more like brother and sister."

There is some sort of connection there though? He’s very supportive this week and she starts opening up more…

GL: "We are seeing them getting closer, especially after the stabbing. But I think they’d be such a weird couple! And Archie would definitely wear the trousers."

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When you first joined Casualty in March, did you know Archie was going to be embroiled in such major storylines?

GL: "No! All I knew was that she’d have a bit of conflict with Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) and a massive dislike towards Dr Noble (Jack Nolan). I didn’t know anything else. It’s really exciting for me when I get the scripts.:

What’s next for Dr Archie Hudson? Find out in Saturday’s dramatic episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 9.20pm.

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